Illness in Dreams

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I don’t remember a lot of this, but I still have some of it.I was back home, but this wasn’t where I only knew that in the dream, the places I saw my waking mind remembers. I’d also gotten a new-to-me truck, but I still had my current one. It was a previously very expensive high-performance model with a supercharger, regular cab, step side, late 90’s-early 2000’s model in bright yellow. Might have been an F-150 SVT Lightning. I remember being disappointed with how cheaply the interior was done, and thinking “well, worst case scenario, I can trade this one in on something better. It’s still worth a fair bit.”

There was someone with me. I never saw her, but I knew her, and had for a long time. I’m not certain, but I think I called her “Sarah”. She seemed nervous, and I knew something was wrong, and had known for a while, but wasn’t told. It was like I’d found out through premonition. I also knew what it was, but asked anyway. For some reason, I was incredibly blunt about it. “I know there’s something wrong with you. I know you’re sick. I know it can’t be cured. I know you’re dying.” She was shocked. I woke up to my alarm shortly after that.

There was also an earlier scene where I lost my new, loud, bright yellow disappointment in a warehouse type shop, nice big building, and was walking around pressing “lock” on the key fob, to make the horn honk, so I could find it. It was still in my home town, but I don’t recognize the building.

EDIT: I want to add one bit of detail I meant to add this morning, and forgot. When I was having the conversation with “Sarah”, we were driving out of the neighborhood I grew up in, on the main road. I clearly recognized one house that had a garage facing the side road with 2 normal size doors then one for a campervan, and it’s very distinctive brickwork was very clear to me.

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