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  • Feb. 8, 2021, 1:06 a.m.
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Me and my laser-enhanced eyes are doing well! The procedure was slightly more uncomfortable than expected, but luckily it was very very short. I think each eye wasn’t more than 2 min at most. But like the first laser that cuts a flap in your eye, the machine squishes against your eye. It’s definitely weird to have something in full contact and pressing hard on your eye. Then the actual lasik part sucked because you have to stare into a bright light and you can smell your eye tissue burning, hah. I could have used a stronger dose of valium tbh!

I felt great right after, things were foggy but I could easily walk around! It started to hurt after the numbing wore off, and I had a few rough hours where it felt like I was cutting onions constantly. But then it subsided, and I’ve been pretty good since! I was able to drive myself to the follow up appointment the morning after, and had 20/20 vision! I still have irritation and sensitivity, but nothing too bad. I’m taking tomorrow off work to give my eyes another day away from the computer screen (although I’ve had a lot of screen time anyway, lol).

I had the KOOKIEST experience at a doctor’s office the other day. I just had to make a quick trip to drop something off, and I had to wait a few minutes while a technician checked on something. I sat down in the waiting room and started to read my phone, when I heard a very loud conversation coming from the staff area behind reception.

It was one woman talking, and another woman agreeing / placating her. The woman was on a CRAZY pro-Trump pro-insurrectionist rant. Guys, it was LOUD and it was insane. She angrily was going on about how LiBeRaLs are trying to start a civil war and how the election was stolen and that OBVIOUSLY 80% of the population really voted for Trump. She was ranting in support of the nutjob Marjorie Taylor Greene, and how evil it was for people to be canceling her. Like, the content of what she was saying was 200% more crazy than anything you’d hear on Fox news. In any other space I’d be like lol whatevs, but at a doctors office? Nah bitch, I pay your salary, and I don’t wanna hear your dumbass hateful rhetoric. The contempt in her voice for liberals and her insistence that we are trying to start a civil war.. I mean that’s literally a personal attack on me.

I loudly cleared my throat hoping she would be like oops a patient can hear us. Nope, didn’t work. I said to the receptionist, “She knows I can HEAR her, right?” and the receptionist was like “oh yeah I just ignore them”, and walked back to tell the women to be quiet. They spoke only slightly quieter, but I could still hear every word.

The technician came back and told me I was good to go. I went back up to the receptionist and asked for the woman’s name who was ranting and the receptionist asked why. I said I wanted to make a complaint to management. The receptionist was all annoyed at me and said she wasn’t “going to name names”. LOLOL you spineless rude bitch.

Like, did we all forget professionalism 101? Talking politics in front of customers OR even coworkers is just stupid. Especially when you live in the PNW and your extremist views are going to piss off 90% of your customers. And like, the thing is, it wasn’t just her sharing her opinion. What really got me was how hateful she was being. I wouldn’t dreeeeam of going on a political rant in my workplace.

And I mean, to be clear, it would have been equally inappropriate if the person had been on an anti-Trump voter rant. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable when they visit their doctor.

Very curious what y’all would have done in that position.

In general I was VERY riled up last week, so they definitely messed with the wrong bitch. Besides confronting it on the spot, when I got home I wrote a long email to customer service / patient relations. Ironically the doctors office in question called on Friday (left a message) to schedule a yearly appointment to follow up on test results. There’s no damn way I’m going back to that office until I get an apology from the nutter in question. How am I supposed to feel good about going there as a patient when one of their staff thinks so poorly of me? My actual doctor has been great, so if I have to switch practices (I probably just should at this point), I’ll send her a message and just be like hey you were great, but your staff is whack.

I wrote a bunch of letters to my political representatives last week about student loan forgiveness. So many faux-liberals are wanting to put limits on who is eligible for student loan forgiveness (and even more so on this second stimulus payment), which is the dumbest thing. I won’t lecture ya’ll, but you can read up on “means testing” to understand why it’s such a bad idea. Our society is so fucked up with regards to how we coddle corporations and the ultra rich, but if someone in the middle class were to get some small benefit that “they don’t deserve” everyone loses their minds.

I’ve been reading about how different personality traits lead to certain political views. And thinking about how different personalities thrive in the workplace. Like, we’re pretty much all at the mercy of a small number of people’s personality disorders and other mental problems.

Neogy Titwhistle February 08, 2021

No way to record the rant? Record and post online with the company name? Anyway, congrats on seeing the world clearly now! Braver than me, having your eyeballs messed with! Just the thought of it freaks me out.

Emily Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ February 08, 2021

I was not that clever in the moment!

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