The Seedling in Reconnaissance

  • Feb. 7, 2021, 1:41 a.m.
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Signs of fertility is primordial and has always to be bowed; that how the world goes and we know so little of it. I have always wished to have some plants but as alleged I am very uncaring for everybody and the plants I fancy always wilt or dry before I realize or come around to care for.

A desert rose (Adenium obesum) plant was an exception, like one woman, who lasted a long time or may be a life time, spent 15 years on my balconies of different cities. never creating a fuss over my non-care or long absences. Last time I moved places a couple of years ago, that was the last item to be loaded to the truck and it was placed in the new balcony in tact. May be, I had too much trust in its tolerance capacity. After a few heavy showers, it melted off. I was sad. It was almost like another soul rejecting me.

I ve tried a few other plants (not a desert rose as an honor to the one who left me) but they never find me compatible. Now, there are a couple of money plants tucked in to plastic water bottles I call my companions and sit beside. When I see a new leaf taking color, I feel accepted again and happy.

Something that prompted me to write now is however different. There is a tiny seedling growing in my kitchen sink for last few days; I ve stopped cleaning it by opening the stopper as it has raised its head through one of its crevices. It must be some grain that would have been washed down. I love watching it grow a weeny bit last couple of days.

I will be moving house coming week again. I will leave the seedling to see the world for a few days before it meets it’s fate.

Fertility !!

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