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  • Feb. 3, 2021, 11:09 a.m.
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My son brought me home last night around 8.

The snow stopped around mid morning Tuesday, we got at least two feet. My grandson had a “secret snow” day and his sister had one zoom meeting. They bundled up and out we went! Made snow balls and dug an igloo/fort and then made a snow family including the two cats! I wasn’t really dressed to be out real long so I went back in and of course my GS kept asking when I was coming back out. Those kids were out at least two hours, finally came in reluctantly for lunch and then went out again! Nolan, my grandson, was the “snow gluer” for the snow people as well as constantly eating the snow! Emma, my granddaughter was quite the boss in instructing how to make the snow family.

My son ferried different workers who needed rides, came back, shoveled at his house and then he and his wife went into work. He came back around lunch, did more shoveling at his house, did more pickups, then called me to see if I could come in to work after all (wasn’t scheduled to go in til Thursday). My place needed to be shoveled and he was going to do it when he brought me home but I just couldn’t let him do it. I called a friend’s son who does that as a side business to do the front walk and my parking pad as I knew it would be too much to have my son do it. When he brought me home, altho my walk was shoveled, there wasn’t a cut out to the street so you have to climb over a bank (a lot of the other neighbors didn’t have a cut out either) so my son shoveled one. I think my son secretly liked doing it because when he was younger and we would get snow, he would go with his cousins to the “ritzy” part of the and shovel as a way to make money and boy did they ever.

Anyway I am home, need to clean my car off and shovel the back walk and patio. I am also going to walk out to the store for something and stop at my friend’s house to pay their son.
It will be good to get all that exercise as I have been eating way too much.

Edit—— just talked to Micah, the young man who did my shoveling, and he said it was a favor and I didn’t owe him anything. While it was very appreciated to hear him say that I insisted on paying him, he finally said $20 (which I thought was way too little and was thinking more like $50) and then when I asked what he normally would charge, he said he would charge $50 for a job that size, I was yes! I told him, if I need to have him do any other shoveling the next one would be on him, lol! Seriously I really appreciated that he wasn’t going to take any money and was doing it as a favor and as a Christian looking out for , gulp, older ones and those without husbands (which I hate being put in that position, but that is another entry for another time).

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ConnieK February 03, 2021

I'm glad the younger men in your life care so much about you!

Jinn February 05, 2021

It was kind of you to pay him.

Queensuzu1 Jinn ⋅ February 05, 2021

It was kind of him to say I didn’t owe him bit I had no intention of NOT paying him—-it is his side job. Depending on the next storm we get, I might have him shovel and pay him with cookies.

Jinn Queensuzu1 ⋅ February 05, 2021


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