Bird Brain... in Dreams

  • Jan. 30, 2021, 11:34 p.m.
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I was in a densely packed part of Seattle, but I don’t recognize anything I saw, although everything was familiar in the dream. I had just moved into a new.. I dunno… condo, I think. It was one of these 3 story affairs with the garage and an entry area on the ground floor, the kitchen, dining, living, and flex space on the second floor, and bedrooms on the top floor. It was a 5 bedroom 4 bath plan, with a 4x4 garage. (2 single car sized garage doors, and each slot could park one car behind another.) It was a a fairly modern looking development, with brick and stack-stone buildings with large windows, clean and minimalistic lines, and semi-flat roofs that run gently down hill toward the back of the building, and it was all trimmed in neutral brown colors.

I’d only been there a week or so, I think, as I was still trying to get the typical moving-in bits done, and things set up, and I realized I didn’t know how I was supposed to make the payments (not sure if it was rent or mortgage), and then realized I hadn’t gotten my mailbox set up yet. I left my unit, and headed toward the main office. It was evening time, just after the sun went down, and all the outside lights had just come on. I walked across the central parking area, and made my way over to the management office, when I heard the sound of wings. I turned around to see this blue parrot flying toward me. I extended my arm, and the bird landed on my wrist. Didn’t weigh very much, despite being sized somewhere between an African Grey and a Blue Macaw, but was solid blue with black beak and feet, similar face to a Grey, but the feathers on to of it’s head reminded me of a red clover flower. It was friendly, and we seemed to know each other, but I didn’t know if it was male or female, or its name. I put my hand up to its feet and said “step up”, and it stepped onto my hand.

We went on to the management office so I could get the keys to my mail box, (Higher security locks than any mail box would normally have - Assa Desmo if you’re interested.), as well as the little keyfob gizmo to get into the mail room. No one seemed to pay any mind to the fact that I just walked into a very clean and crowded with a parrot on my hand. I however felt like I probably shouldn’t have brought the bird in. While I was talking to the manager, I just lifted my hand to my shoulder, and the bird stepped onto my shoulder without me saying anything, and just sat there quietly while I was signing the paperwork to get the keys, and as I said goodbye to the manager lady, she said goodbye to me, but acted like the bird wasn’t there.

As we walked to the mail room, I put my hand to my shoulder without saying anything, and the bird stepped onto my hand, and just kept watching my face. It acted like it wanted to say something, and knew what it wanted to say, but couldn’t get the words out. Or sqwaks. I talked to the bird as we walked, and it just watched me. At one point I said something, and the bird put its wings out like it wanted a hug, and as I moved it closer to my chest, it closed its wings and put its head down like that’s where it was happiest. We carried on back to my condo, and the bird leaned against me, but was watching where we were going. The dream ended right as we got to my front door.

I’m not a bird owner, but I do like birds, especially Grey’s. Not really a fan of Cockatoos or Macaws, as they seem too unpredictably tempermental, and they also can’t speak as well as a Grey can. I’d like to have a parrot, but my life isn’t conducive to a parrot’s mental health. Maybe one day. Interesting that my subconscious would have me in a modern condo in a densely packed area of a large city, when that is the absolute last place I want to be. And having a bad experience in an apartment, I could not go back to having shared walls.

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