Reality check: the veet edition in Hot town, summery in the city - 2017

  • Jan. 28, 2021, 8:01 p.m.
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WHERE: In. The. Bath! One leg is propped on the edge with a generous coating of veet (or immac as we used to call it). I’m very hairy, my razor bit the dust some time ago and I haven’t replaced it. Today I remember buying some veet for T when she was in school and stressed about hair removal because someone had teased her. She never used it because we started homeschooling soon afterwards and she has no issue with her hairy legs. Anyway, I broke the seal and have smeared it on. It’s probably 30+ years since i last used it!!

WEARING: belly bar, 4ocean bracelet, hair band, the same blue paua shell and silver necklace as I’ve had on before while doing this, four earrings. Yup. That’s all. I cut off my LGBTQ+ bracelet last night because it stopped being rainbow (ie it has faded) a loooooooing time ago and was getting scruffy, a friend bought me a bunch of my leather band style bracelets for my birthday but I daren’t wear them, they’re gorgeous and were really expensive! I tend to wear that style until they wear out or fall off (wait up, the veet timer is going). Okay, one shiny, smooth leg and another with veeeeet on! Well I wasn’t going to do both and have my legs akimbo like some hospital drama with a birth scene (having given birth a mere twice, the legs were never stirupped!!) anyway, bracelets. I am the accidental owner of a Notch. These are like Pandora but for sporty/adventurous people ( ). You can buy a ‘notch’ (small metallic ring) with all kinds of sporting events or travel destinations and you can have them personally engraved. I bought a bracelet and four notches for R for his birthday but when it came the bracelet was a little small. Instead of returning it for the correct size (it’s tough to measure someone’s wrist on the lead up to their birthday) I kept that one and ordered another for R. His notches are: Huddersfield Town ⚽️, Glastonbury 2002, Ibiza 2003, Amsterdam 2005. Obviously, his favourite football team and then our three favourite places with the first time we went there together. I’ll have to think about what what notches I would like. (Other timer!!) two silky legs!! They show the muscle much better this way 🤣 anyway, my notches. Well, I’ve done a lot of races but I’m not that fussed about them, but my adventure runs. It’s going to be a long time until i can do the final 21 miles of the Ridgeway so I was thinking of just starting the Thames path which is my next plan, and go as far as I feel I can get away with as part of my ‘daily exercise’. That kind of thing appeals Notchwise.

FITNESS UPDATE: my fitness is so bizarre. I can walk and walk and walk; R and I hiked 7 miles last week which I just did without thought while he struggled with the second half (he usually walks two miles to the bus stop each day but it almost a year since that was a regular thing) but when I run (from which I haven’t had a break in years other than three weeks Christmas 2019 when we were ill) I really struggle. I did 3 miles yesterday and the night before tried to visualise it before sleeping. I fell asleep about halfway and guess how far I managed to run before a break..? Halfway! So maybe I need to visualise each run (without falling asleep 💤).

As for sugar, not sure what day but have still resisted.

THE NEWS: i have very little clue. It was causing me too much anxiety. I rely on the lovely cinnamonia to keep me updated via memes 🤣. Apparently Boris is off on his hols to Scotland and Scotland doesn’t want him… we reached 100000 Covid-19 related deaths. Far too fucking many. And the entire country is really struggling through lockdown 3.

READING: Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell. It’s about his time fighting with the anarchists against the fascists in the Spanish civil war. Twentieth century history fascinates me, especially this period. There were Several authors who ended up fighting on the side of the anarchists. As well as George Orwell were Laurie Lee and was Hemingway involved as well? I have a feeling he was. I think there must be a lot of bravado about Orwell’s account, I can’t imagine being in the positions he was without feeling fear but perhaps the cold, hunger and body lice leeched fear out of them.

ACTIVITIES TODAY: hmmm. I got up just after 7 to go and buy breakfast goods. We had no milk, no bread and most importantly… no croissants 🤣 i intended to shower but didn’t get around to it, thus I’m in the bath now! L had science, English and Art. I had my bi weekly phone call to help me to help T and T had her 1-1 college session which is being done by phone call at the moment and I join her for that as she doesn’t like phone calls. I also painted two sets of press on nails for advertising purposes. The best thing that came out of the day was discovering how to work out the rate of acceleration and deceleration. L doesn’t agree with me 🤣

THINKING ABOUT: getting oot o’ the bath. Also the college that T is at are offering some online courses free for adult learners. I may take one. They last three months and are stepping stones to courses that probably cost money. I was thinking of doing nutrition and exercise.

PLANNING: putting into practice that which the camhs lady and I discussed. She said I needed to think about it first and act later so that I don’t get it wrong.

~Twinkle~ January 28, 2021

Oooh i like the notch idea, need to investigate this for Tom!

thesunnyabyss January 29, 2021

I've never seen those Notch bracelets, I know a couple of people who would love them, thanks!

I love these entries! have a good day!

Jinn February 01, 2021

I like those bracelets !
Boris should really have stayed home. Silly man .

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