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  • Jan. 21, 2021, 11:41 a.m.
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Now that was a day!! I’m a gonna make a list!

The thing is, I swear that they either set waaaaay too much to be completed each lesson or L is particularly slow. Their one hour lessons have NEVER been one hour and when a one hour lesson consists of two videos, one at 29 minutes and the other at 23 minutes, both of which need to be paused frequently to complete tasks throughout, I really have no idea how that can be done in an hour.

Anyway. While I know y’all are doing the same shit, I’m going to fill you in on the minutiae of my day.

7:30am woke and got toast for T to ensure she would eat before the day starts as she doesn’t often eat without prompting.

7:45 had a shower.

8:00 put a load of washing on (towels).

Time becomes a little wibbly wobbly at this point but I know I had breakfast and made a phone call to request an invite for a Teams meeting that was about to occur a we hadn’t received it yet.

Took the laptop upstairs once that was sorted for a Camhs review for T. That lasted almost an hour, during which, L was doing her art work.

Once I came down, L and I started doing science (the lesson with way too much video stoppage for the time allowed) when T bellowed down that she needed lunch. She has lessons from 11 - 2 on Thursday so needs to eat during class.

I took her a sandwich, banana and yogurt.

Came back and finished the first video with L.

We then had lunch.

Then we did the second science video.

L went skateboarding in the back garden while I emailed one of her teachers regarding the DEAR (drop everything and read) sessions in which the kids listen to a recording of a book then answer a question on it. This is what I said:

Dear Ms M

I just wanted to explain why my daughter hasn’t been answering the DEAR questions on Satchel1.

Reading is very important in our house with bookshelves overflowing, we have read with our children since they were a few days old and L and I still read together as well as her reading alone (her pillow always hides several books so we don’t know about her secret night time reading 🤣).

At the moment we are re-reading Wonder during which we always chat about what’s going on in the background, what is implied but not written. In her personal reading she is going back through the Harry Potter books; don’t we all love something familiar in times of stress?

I do like the sound of the book currently being read in DEAR and am planning to get it on my kindle to read with her.

I’m really pushing Lila on her other lessons as I know that when she is in school she coasts along doing the bare minimum, therefore her working day often goes on to 4:30/5:00pm doing the core lessons.

I’m certainly not belittling the DEAR sessions, but I feel we achieve that in our personal reading times.

Love, kisses and cuddles,


(Okay, i didn’t write that last bit!)

At that point it was time to go back to T for her one on one session with her tutor which is happening via phone but T doesn’t like phones so i join her for that. It ended shortly after 3.

I went back downstairs to help L with algebra. Two videos, two online tasks (Hegarty maths for anyone who knows) and then worksheets.

It was just after 5 when we finished the second online task and, quite frankly, the fried eggs were wibbling in our brains and we decided the worksheets could do one!!

The oven is heating, pizza is in the freezer (pasta and pesto for the growed ups). I’m off.

thesunnyabyss January 21, 2021

I am tired just reading that, again, all of you amaze me, teaching your kids at home, bravo, bravo!!!

~Twinkle~ January 21, 2021

Wow what a day! X

Jinn January 22, 2021

That is a DAY ! My hat is off to you !

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