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  • Jan. 18, 2021, 5:04 a.m.
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I don’t feel like trying to come up with a witty title today.

This week went fairly smoothly, but I was very busy. Not complaining, I’m glad to be busy. It keeps my mind from wandering down avenues that I would prefer it avoid.

Friday night, S decided she was going to come up as she had some plastic crates she didn’t need and thought I could use, and we could hang out for a bit and get dinner. I didn’t realize how tired I really was till right before she got here. We talked, agreed on what to eat, I changed back into proper clothes, and we she drove us to pick up teriyaki. I forgot how nuts of a driver she is. Although she remembered, as she pointed out the “Oh sh!t handles” when I got in.

We came back, ate, and I started getting really sleepy. As in I probably yawned 5 times in seconds. It was one of those deep yawns that makes my ears ring a little, and my muscles tense up. I tried to be as polite about it as I could, but it got to the point where I could not even kinda hide my exhaustion, so we said good night, and she left. As soon as I came in, I shut off my phones and took my watch off. I decided I needed a disconnected day. Changed into my pajamas and crawled into bed. Pretty much literally crawled into bed.

The next morning, I didn’t even start to do anything. I thought about going to the grocery store, but the thought of people wasn’t particularly appealing. When I got up, I discovered the toilet had been running all night (flapper gets stuck open. Replaced the valve system twice in 9 years to no avail.) It had run over at some point enough to soak the bath mats, and the dirty work clothes I’d left on the floor. I was livid to walk into the bathroom and hear that wet squish. I turned jiggled the handle enough to stop the toilet running, and tossed all the wet stuff into the tub until I could wake my brain up enough to deal with it, and went out to the garage for a smoke, where I internally cussed this house, this state, this city, the toilet, my luck - or lack thereof, and everything else that had pissed me off lately.

When I came in, I hung the mats on the shower rod, and started running my clothes and towels in the dryer, and decided I didn’t want to do anything other than dealing with the wet mess. So I spent most of the day either watching YouTube, or screwing around with my home automation gear trying to get some newer stuff to work, in between shuffling things around in the laundry room. I had partial success, then got annoyed by a software issue with the controller, and called it a day. I watched a couple episodes StarTrek: Enterprise, and got the last run of stuff into the dryer, took a shower and went to bed.

This morning started off with a yell. Mine. I have one of those handle faucet things in the shower that’s supposed to stop you getting scalded if someone flushes the toilet or something, and the cold water pressure drops. Wwweeellllllll… it didn’t have ANY cold water today. I had set it to where I normally do, took my clothes off, and as soon as I stepped into the shower, I just about went through the shower curtain to get back out. Just a couple of seconds in the water and my feet looked like they’d been boiled. And that’s with keeping my water heater set on low. I’m sure it’s just something in the valve cartridge, same as how my low-flow shower head decides not to be low flow sometimes, and I take a shower with a power washer. Joys of being a home owner.

I intend to go to the store later, but we’ll see what happens, as I’m on about 5 hours sleep. I really wish tomorrow weren’t Monday.

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