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  • Jan. 12, 2021, 8:32 p.m.
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I’m not sure where this was, but I don’t think it was around here. I was with 3 other people, but I didn’t recognize them. I did feel like I knew all them, 2 guys, and a girl who I felt closer to. Possibly a girlfriend. Dunno. The house was new to one of us, but I’m not sure who of us it belonged to. It was a pretty big house. All the rooms seems huge, lots of floor space, and really high ceilings, but there were some weird small but tall rooms too. We walked around the whole house, exploring every room, and there was a lot of generic conversation. At some point we split off, the 2 guys went off somewhere, and me and the girl went upstairs to nose around.

We had gone into one of the rooms, and found another staircase that neither of us expected to find. It was a steep and narrow staircase, almost like climbing a ladder. We didn’t expect to find a 3rd floor in the house, so she and I were really confused by this. The rooms weren’t as big on the 3rd floor. The ceilings were a little lower, and the rooms were like a small bedroom size. After a few minutes, she yelled “Hey (me)! You’re not gonna believe this!” I went running to where she was, which wasn’t all that easy, as getting around had a lot of twists and turns. I got to her, and she opens a door to another stairway going upstairs to a 4th floor. She says “are you f!king kidding me?” This stairway is narrower than the one to the 3rd floor.

Once we get up there, it’s a substantially smaller size. The ceilings are about 6’ tall, and the doors are only about 18” wide, but the room footprints are roughly the same size. I yelled for the 2 guys that there was something they needed to see, but didn’t get a response. She tells me “they may not be able to hear you up here. Go back down stairs and tell them to get their asses up here.” “Aright.” As I was going back down to the third floor, I saw something around the edge of the stair that caught me off guard - another stairway. I got to the third floor and yelled to the 2 guys about the findings, and they headed up to where I was, while I went off to find the other stairway.

When I got to the 3rd floor, I realized there was a door in a closet that we’d not opened. I found out that was where the other stairway was, so I climbed it. I realized I’d gone past the 4th floor when I got to the top, but there wasn’t much to look at. The 5th floor was one big open room, but same low ceilings we found on the 4th floor. Even with the windows, it still felt like a really small room. It was fully carpeted, with white walls. The stairway came out in the middle of the room, with no railings around it, basically just a square hole in the carpet. I didn’t go beyond poking my head up to look around for a moment.

I went back down to the 3rd floor in time for the 2 guys to be coming up from the second floor, being shocked at what they were seeing. As I pointed them toward the stairs to the 4th floor, I said “did you know this was a 5 story house?” We then went up to the 4th where she was, and I was telling all of them about the 5th floor, when I woke up.

That was a confusing dream, but it was actually kinda fun. It wasn’t anywhere that I recognized, but it was similar to a dream I had a few months ago, but instead of finding more levels to the house, I kept finding more rooms, hidden passages, and hidden stairways. I still don’t know who it was that I was with. At least this was more of a fun dream than the last few.

Here’s the kicker. One of the jobs I went to today, the section I needed was being stored upstairs, in the customer’s storage loft. It was only one “upstairs”, but still, interesting how that worked out. Now you see why I say I believe dreams mean something, and we’re shown things in dreams for a reason. Just for clarity, my house is only one level, and I didn’t know today’s job had an upstairs till I got there.

Deleted user January 12, 2021

I wish I could remember my dreams at all, let alone as well as you.

He Who Must Not Be Named Deleted user ⋅ January 16, 2021

It's not a sure fire thing. Sometimes I can remember in excruciating detail, and sometimes I just remember that I dreamed. This was a dream I didn't remind remembering in detail.

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