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  • Jan. 12, 2021, 2:45 a.m.
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I’m just going to say that his is one of those dreams that I have absolutely no explanation for, I have no understanding of what I experienced, and I don’t know that I’ve ever been more confused by a dream. Oh, and of course, it does have something to do with work, because apparently I can’t stop working, even when I’m asleep. Also, I got a good bit of details in this.

I arrived at a convent with a broken garage door at probably 6am-ish, and was greeted at the side door by 3 sisters, all seeming slightly panicked, as the convent’s old RoadMaster wagon (or could have been an Oldsmobile, but think 80’s GM-made brick-woodie wagon) was trapped, and they had something to do, so they escort me to the garage. One of them has to be pushing 90, the second is probably mid-60’s, and the third (the one that actually speaks) is probably mid-20’s. Yes, they’re all wearing the usual black and white..... ehm, not sure what it’s called.. habit, I think?, that you basically see their face and hands only. The one that actually talks to me is a bit rushed, but still very polite and cordial, while the two older nuns perpetually look they’re either going to s#!t themselves, or their heads are going to explode, if I can’t get this thing fixed.

The door is being held in with one wheel, and the opener arm. It’s old, wood, deteriorating, and badly in need of being replaced. Of course, there’s crap everywhere, but it’s more random than what I usually see in garages, however I’m not surprised. The whole time I’m working, which my progress seems to jump forward and backward, all the while the polite sister is carrying on a conversation with me. She kept talking about me personally, which I found incredibly odd. We talked, I worked, and I eventually got the door open, which then the car was just “transported” out to the driveway, while I was still on the ladder in the middle of the doorway. Funny how that crap happens. Anywho.

I then set about trying to get the door gently functional (read :”Polished the turd”), and the conversation continues, still about me. At this point I’m starting to get weirded out. (If you’ve not read any of my previous dream entries, my dreams usually come complete with inner monologue, memories, etc.) She’s asking some very deep questions about my past, and while I’m not keen to answer them, I feel compelled to answer them. She asks about my beliefs, and at this point I realize the two other sisters are no longer present. No idea when that happened. I tell her the blunt truth, a bit more coldly than I intended. I’m not sure why I reacted like that, other than I was incredibly uncomfortable at this point, and my defence mechanism sometimes is to be short with people in an attempt to end the conversation. Shockingly, I didn’t get the reaction I expected. I expected her to be displeased, and just leave. She didn’t. She smiled. I was incredibly confused.

She walked up to me, took my hands in hers, looked me square in the eyes, and said something that has confused me all day, and hasn’t left my mind. “This morning, when I prayed, I told God I was ready for a challenge. 10 minutes later, the door fell apart, we called around, and you were the only one who could be here today. I knew I woke you up, but when you said ‘Challenge accepted! I’ll see you in 20 minutes, sister!’, I knew I made the right call, and talking to you, I know you’re the challenge I asked for.” She explained that she knew I don’t trust people, that I have a lot of difficulty putting faith in people, and that my faith is just about non-existent, and it was her challenge to change all that. She was in the middle of explaining this all to me, and how she wasn’t going to be leaving my side, when I woke up. I mean, it might have made more sense to me had she finished that sentence.

It’s weird, it makes no sense, and of course it’s unlikely. (I can’t say anything is impossible anymore.) I do believe dreams mean something, and there’s a reason for what you see, but it’s beyond me.

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