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  • Jan. 5, 2021, 12:51 p.m.
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So I was a non good person and went home for Christmas. It’s a really tough time of year for my mom (since my sister and her were always the big Christmas people of the family) and so I wanted to be there for her.

A couple days before I left, I was starting to have a slight sore throat but it wasn’t all that bad and I figured “okay I’ll just wear a mask the entire time I’m there to be sure I don’t spread anything”

Of course my dad, a big time Trump fan, mentions the mask within a minute of me being there. Even though I texted everyone letting them know ahead of time. He was clearly grumpy about it, but like, seriously, how does this affect you at all? I’m just doing what I need to do make sure I don’t spread anything.

Well it’s a good thing I wore it because the next day I felt like full blown sick. I had been dealing with that sore throat for a few days so I didn’t think it would get any worse, but wow was I wrong. I didn’t have covid symptoms but I was still panicky that I had brought something over. We decided to leave early and go home (skipping Jessica’s parent’s house) and on our way out I grabbed up all the sheets and pillowcases from the guest bed, threw them in the wash and sanitized the entire bedroom. Did what I could.

Speaking of the bedroom, my parents are in full blown panic mode about Biden. I’m not joking around, they have the guest room FULL of food and emergency supplies. They are so convinced there is a real threat to the world and that they may need it. There is barely any room to walk in that freaking bedroom anymore haha.

Anyway, when I got back home I had a wedding in a couple of days (on NYE) and I was worried about going there just after my symptoms subsided. I schedule a quick covid test which guaranteed results in 15 minutes. Unfortunately the closest place I could find that did the test that fast was like an hour from home, but I mean, I got nothing better to do so I just sucked it up and headed out.

That nasal swab wasn’t so bad. Yeah it was uncomfortable but I don’t see the big deal. Eh, maybe it has a lot to do with who is actually doing the test, aka, who is better at making it not suck. I don’t know, but anyway it wasn’t too shabby in my opinion.

Anyway, came back negative so good news is that I was covid free also during Christmas so crisis avoided! An unnecessary risk that I won’t repeat though.

So yeah that’s kind of what’s going on around here currently. Work has been kind of slow lately (thanks covid) but I’m hopeful that with the vaccine beginning to roll out that brides will feel more confident in keeping their weddings and/or planning weddings for the future.

Until next time!

Just Some Girl January 05, 2021


THE RAPID TEST IS NOT A VALID DIAGNOSTIC TOOL!!!!!! (Unless it's a lab PCR test...?)

I strongly encourage you to contact people and let them know you may have inadvertently exposed them. And like... dude... really? REALLY!?!

DE_drummerboy5189 Just Some Girl ⋅ January 11, 2021

It was validated a few days later, it's fine.

Just Some Girl DE_drummerboy5189 ⋅ January 11, 2021

Ok. Whew. Scared me for a sec there.

secretsmile January 05, 2021

Id maybe see if I could get a regular COVID test to be on the safe side, especially if you were in contact with quite a few people. The rapid ones have a pretty decent false negative rate.

I bet there are so many people like your parents freaking out about Biden. Where in reality we will hopefully be living in calmer, kinder times while hes president. Still crazy though how divided this country is on stuff like that.

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