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  • Jan. 3, 2021, 7:33 a.m.
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Having returned L to school and T to college in September for mental health reasons, I am now VERRRY happy that they have at least a couple of weeks of home learning ahead. R and I have chatted about it and have decided that, should the demand to return carry on later this month, L will be de-registered with an explanation to the school that we will re-register her once things calm down. I feel far more confident about home schooling than I did when we took T out 3.5 years ago! I also know that L isn’t as interested in learning as T but that’s a bridge to plunder when/if the time comes. We will also ask the college if she can carry on homelearning for the time being (they are far more flexible).

On another subject. My phone. An iPhone SE, purchased second hand three and a half years ago. Well, it has also done a U Turn. In recent weeks it has massively struggled to maintain battery while I’m out running with strava and Spotify going (Bluetooth or plug in headphones don’t seem to make any difference), losing large sections of runs on the longer ones. It is definitely lagging a little etc… R and I discussed me needing a new phone last night and, today I did a six mile run, both strava and Spotify chugging away, and it was still over 70% when I finished!!

What I really want is the iPhone SE 2020, being a fan of the smaller phone, and I’ve done some research. They’re not easy to come by second hand yet so perhaps I’ll give this one longer to prove itself before seeing if i can pick up the one I want, second hand, later this year…

Fingers crossed!!

thesunnyabyss January 03, 2021

I commend anyone who does homeschooling, I fear my children or I would have gone nuts in doing so, LOL!!!! I am so grateful for their teachers!

sounds like a good plan for the phone, funny how they do that, it's like they know, LOL!!!


colojojo January 05, 2021

That is a very old phone and I feel like you definitely are in need of a new one!

Jinn January 09, 2021

I love my iPhone but I wear them out. This one has been great and I hope it lasts awhile longer.

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