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  • Dec. 25, 2020, 6:54 p.m.
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It’s gone by like the vast majority of Christmas days since I’ve been in Seattle. I’ve been locked in the house, ignoring social media, instant messages, text messages (except the one from my neighbor telling me about a suspicious car in front of my drive way - which was gone by the time I armed myself and went charging up the the gate), and anything on YT or Prime that resembles holiday cheer or so such. Sometimes it’s better to pretend it’s just an ordinary day off.

I’m getting sick. I think I’ve done well. I’ve made it this far without taking off. But I’m getting that chest congestion crap that I get every winter, as well as not being able to breathe out of one side of my nose. That wonderful whistly-wheeze when I inhale, and occasionally having to force a deep breath. So wonderful. No, it’s not the damned virus. I can still smell, I can still taste, I don’t have a fever, no other symptoms. This is the same crap I’ve had before. It’s just annoying. After the first of the year, I’ll get an appointment. And no, I’m not getting a flu shot. Every time I get a flu shot, I get the full on flu, and get knocked on my ass for a week. And no, I’m not taking the new vaccines either. I’ll let the Karen’s be the guinea pigs.

We got off early on Wednesday. Well.. Kinda. We were doing our whole christmas thing after we were supposed to be closed after noon, and a call came in from a car dealer around 1430 that one of their repair bay doors was messed up. I got sent, cause apparently I was the only one R could send, despite there being 3 other techs still at the shop. I got a text from her right about the time I got to the dealership asking if I needed another set of hands. I snarked a reply back, something to the effect of I didn’t think there was any else left to send. Then I turned my work phone off. I already had a headache, so I wasn’t about to continue to deal with her. Diagnosed the door, didn’t have the parts to fix it so told them we’d reschedule. I could see there were still people at the shop when I got near, so I just passed it by and came home. I currently have all 3 vehicles in the driveway - the car stays by the garage door, the truck from the grocery run, and the van cause I couldn’t be bothered to do the backing in maneuvering when I got home. I’ve barely been outside since then.

The cat knows something is up, and won’t leave me alone. I’m not even allowed to take a dump in peace. He thinks he’s funny or something, waving his tail under the bathroom door. Or if I’m sitting on the couch, he sits against my head, which doesn’t help my neck. Then there’s getting slapped in the face with his tail. Prick. He lucky I love him. I miss the dog too. I miss having her give me those goofy looks, snoring, trying to be sweet to the cat to just be denied (he only went close to the dog when she was asleep, fear of loud and fast things), she was a good mutt. This place isn’t the same without her. Neither am I.

I’ve not given up on going home. I just have to get a couple things figured out. I can’t have a shipping container here, but that’s what I need to do the move in one trip. I just need to find a nearby-ish place to park one so I can get it loaded to move. I’m working on it.
When I get home, I’m going to go to the beach on a day when there’s no one there, take my boots off, and stand in the surf, feel the heat, the sun on my skin, and breathe the salt air. I know I bitched about of a lot of things that were wrong with the area I’m from, but after living in this cess pool for 10 years, those complaints are peanuts compared to Seattle Metroplex. Screw this place. I’m still trying to maintain my rule of not hating anyone or anything, but this place is getting close to making that impossible. Everything I need, everything I want, is back home.

Happy Christmas, Happy New Years, Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy whatever holiday you celebrate. I hope you’ve been able to enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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