Empty Nest in Reconnaissance

  • Dec. 19, 2020, 10:05 p.m.
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I was in time on my balcony this Sunday morning to see the older kite kid take its first flight from the perch near its nest to a bamboo scaffolding few meters away. They have been flap-practicing to half-walk-half-fly on on the trifurcates of branches where their nest is housed for last several days. They spent more times away from their dirty nest. The younger sibling is still sitting there alone, gaping around. The kid which flew away, is no more visible anywhere. The younger one will also go away in a day or so, leaving nest to fall apart slowly. There will be no empty nester - just an empty nest. May be while cruising in circles under the blue sky and resting on the sea winds, they will be a family again or they don’t need to be. I have been missing the kitebumps (when you are hit with airs from the large wings of kits trying to attack you) for quite a few days, the breakfast routine of the kite family as the chicks have been growing. Last evening they were looking with curiosity at a couple of large bats which descended too close to their branch and may be a tad early to be called dark.

I will not be missing long their society and the tree that’s a world by itself as I have planned to move to another larger apartment with hope that someone may choose to live with me even for a day or two even in a year. Being alone is never such a challenge until one feels lonely.

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