The Crystal Ball in Life After 60

  • Dec. 17, 2020, 7:03 p.m.
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Come listen to a story about a man named Biden, about all the lies and the stuff he be hiding.
Everyone has their own conspiracy theory. So I am going to spin mine. And I will bookmark it and come back in a few months and see how close I am to reality.
The first 100 days of Biden, he will do nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, he will invoke the mask thing and repeal some of the GOOD choices Trump made, but other than that he will be the puppet he was meant to be.
Now, somewhere during his 12-18 month mile marker he will A. Die from natural causes, B. Be killed by an assassin’s bullet C. (And I like my odds on this one) Be declared mentally incompetent, removed from office, and has always been the plan, Harris will assume the office of President, thus being the first woman in history to hold both offices.
Shortly after that, she will make the mistake of coming for our guns and the county will be divided yet once again and civil war will break out, North against the South.
No judge in his right mind will overthrow the 2020 election results, Biden will be sworn in, and yes, they may have to escort Trump for the White House.
Now for all, you naysayers, who are listening to the so-called “Prophets of God” who claim Trump will remain President…They obviously heard from the wrong spirit. And just for a look into 2024, Trump will not run again, and should he make the mistake, he will not win the nomination......The crystal ball now fades to black!

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