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  • Dec. 11, 2020, 11:02 p.m.
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It certainly wasn’t, but this entry will be, as I can’t focus well on anything right now.

BL’s son turns 13 today, and the way she worded her post made me laugh. She said as of today she’s a teen mother. I know what she meant, but the wording left for definite misinterpretation. “Uhm, no, you’d have been a teen mother if we’d gone that far back when.” I’m still tempted to give her shit for that, but I likely won’t. Unless she continues giving me the shocked emoji on my posts. Lol

I had to go into Downtown Seattle today. What a cess pool. First one was a maintenance call - which I don’t mind as I’m glad to see a customer maintenance their door - in this case a roll-up gate (grille) which also got a new control board.
Then I had to go into the heart of downtown. Or better put, “the shart of Downtown”. Just putting a heavy duty keypad on an alley-side loading Bay door. Took me an hour, as I had to wire it from the keypad to the motor, shore up the metal plate it’s mounted to, and so on. But I was parked blocking the alley because there’s no parking because Seattle hates cars, thus had my 4-ways on.... Which killed my battery. No indication I had a problem until I went to start the engine and only got one click. I had to wait for the septic truck to leave then another contractor gave me a jump start. Added on 30 minutes of being somewhere I REALLY do not want to be. I skipped reporting available and came home for lunch and a smoke to calm my nerves. One last quick job afterwards and I ended my week.

S is still being persistent, and lately I’ve been persistently disinterested. She added hearts to her persistence tonight. All I could think of was that Steve Whatshisnuts gif meme going “OH NO! NOOOOOOO! PLEASE GOD NOOOO!” I’m horrible. I know. Oh, and we’re up to 3 pics she said she’d never send..... Yeah.

My back/shoulder is playing up again, so I’m either taking a long too hot bath, or going to bed early. That pain basically sums up my week.

I wish I were home. Home, as in Texas.

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