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  • Nov. 30, 2020, 11:17 p.m.
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Well, I went to bed on time, but something woke me up around 4:00, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Mind was quiet, heart was calm, breathing slow, but just stayed awake. I lay there till 6:30 when I got fed up and got up. Not how I wanted Monday to start, but eh.

Got into work, got loaded up to go, and the van slow started like the battery was low. Huh. Okay. Got to the job, made good time getting all the new stuff set up, and the old crap ripped out and into the van, knew things weren’t quite square, but didn’t know how bad it was till I put the first section in the opening, and went to level it. 3 inch drop over 8 feet. And then I realize, it’s not just the floor that sank (frequent issue in Seattle garages), the whole corner of the house has dropped little over 2 inches, so the top of the opening is also out of level. They have a nice new door that works very well, but I think they’d have been better off fixing the foundation. 3 inch gap under the bottom of the door on the low side. So, on installs now, I’m not just pulling out the tape measure and verifying clearances, I’m pulling out my 4 foot level to ensure I’m not being deceived about level and square openings. Sales guy is having to figure out a fix. Sales guy has also never been an installer. eyeroll

Came home exhausted and hungry, but couldn’t be bothered to eat, changed into sweats and laid down on the couch and clicked on YouTube. That is until the cat started whining and I remembered I’d not picked up more cat food or smokes. Got up, dressed, went to the store the long way so I could make sure I didn’t run down the car’s battery, got his food, my smokes, and one of those NeuroSleep drinks. I think I’ve been awake long enough I should be able to sleep tonight, but I figured what the hell, lets give myself an extra chance to sleep through the night. Side note, the new girl at the near-by store is pretty cute. Not exactly my type, bit wild looking for me, but I bet she’s fun. smirk

So here’s to hoping tomorrow goes better than today did. I’m gonna remain horizontal as long as possible till I go to bed.
Right after I feed the cat.

Sup3rjaw December 02, 2020

Gotta hate getting undressed only to get dressed again.

He Who Must Not Be Named Sup3rjaw ⋅ December 06, 2020

Amen to that.

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