Oohh, to scratch in Hot town, summery in the city - 2017

  • Nov. 29, 2020, 4:28 p.m.
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The nail extensions have gone. It wasn’t the desperate desire to scratch just situational.

You may or you may not remember my purchase of a second hand treadmill at the start of lockdown. Youngest had a shielding letter because we had still been trying to figure out her asthma medication a short time before covid-19 became a thing and, because she couldn’t leave the house, I chose to support her and also not leave. The treadmill is foldable. That was a non negotiable as our house is small. It folded up behind the sofa which I moved each time I used the treadmill so I could run facing the telly, watching YouTube virtual run videos.

Anyway. Youngest received a letter retracting her need to shield so I slowly transitioned back to outside running over July/August/September and reached the point where I was no longer using it.

Because it was behind the sofa, the sofa was further forward than usual leaving only a small space in the middle of the living room and I was starting to wonder where I would put a tree at Christmas.

We usually buy a medium sized real tree but this year has wiped us out moneywise so we’ll drag the ol’ fake one out of the attic that R and I had for our first few Christmases together. It’s pretty small but I still need space for it and so I cleared out the garage which contains all the childminding stuff for when I feel like allowing Other People’s Kids back in the house. There was also A LOT of stuff for the tip.
It took a couple of hours to tidy it up and stack the car once I had booked a slot at the local refuse centre then R and I just had to pop the treadmill into the garage.

All 40kg of it. All 3mm wider than the door…

Much swearing, finger/toe trapping later and we had manoeuvred that SOB through our front door, porch and porch door, used the doorstep as a pívot point and got the fucker out. The treadmill is in the garage, my living room feels hella spacious and I lost three nail extensions in the process so now I have removed the rest of them.

Oh you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to scratch an itch…

Jinn November 29, 2020

I finally made Frank move the puppy’s giant crate out of my extremely small livingroom or we would not have been able to have a Christmas tree at all . I have a tiny house . :-(

thesunnyabyss November 29, 2020

saw the photos, great job!!!

bet it feels so roomy now!

Lis November 29, 2020


*Bug Droppings* December 15, 2020

Just love to move things. I lost my nails Without hauling anything This weekend. Good to see you hopefully I'll be back on now!

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