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  • Nov. 24, 2020, 8:17 p.m.
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What’s the female version of a “bro”?

Today was a somewhat interesting day. I was leaving a job and got behind a septic truck with an awesome warning on the back. “Warning: May be carrying political promises”. Epic.

I installed a motor on an RV door for a customer at the air park, that I was last at 2 years ago. I didn’t remember it until I went into the hangar and saw his incredibly recognizable plane. “Oh, I’ve been here before.” More work from him, I’m sure. Needs a new panel for the door I put the motor on, and wants new cables on his big hangar door. Cool.

People are talking about thanksgiving, except me. I don’t have family left, and I’m not really that close with anyone here. Plus, joy of joys, Covid. Yeah, I’m staying my ass at home. It’s not what I’d like to be doing, but it’s what I’m going to do. R confirmed I’ve not taken a sick day this year. I intend to hold to that till after the new year, for no reason other than to say that I’ve done it. I’ve had 4 days off, and that was when things were really slow, and I was put on standby. Lowest number of off days in the book from what I saw.

I’ve gotten hooked on these two different lite jazz covers of Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark”. One is a John Tesh cover, and the other is a Marcos Mello cover. Marcos kinda makes the sax sound like it’s in pain at a few points, but it’s still good. I had this dumbasstic thought of being able to play an instrument and doing a duet with BL, who is a pianist. Yeah f!king right. Anywho. I’m also finding Old Dominion’s “My Heart Is a Bar” and Cat Stevens’ “Another Saturday Night” be rather poignant. That’s a word I’ve not used in years. Poignant. Well… It fits.

One more work day, then 4 days off. I’ll take it. I think I’m close to getting burned out. I hate the holidays, but at least I get some extra weekend time.

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