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  • Nov. 21, 2020, 7 p.m.
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It’s Saturday, and this week was kinda crap, for the most part. For one, I went to Seattle entirely too many times. Seattle is just draining. Even with GPS, it’s not the friendliest place to navigate. It’s not just about finding where I’m going, it’s figuring out the best way to get into where I need to be, or sorting out on-street parking - which I hate doing, especially in downtown. I’ve also noticed my Garmin has started losing GPS signal when I get in amidst the sky scrapers. I remember having that happen with the company BlackBerry when I worked security in downtown, but at least both my phones can usually get it figured out, if the Garmin goes nuts. I don’t really want to replace it, as I like having the GPS and dash cam in one unit, but I know I need to add a rear camera to the van, and I’m sure there are better GPS units as well, but I’m used to this one, and really like it. sigh Given I depend on it for work, it might be better to just replace it. Great.

S is still bugging me to come over. I really don’t want to make that drive, but I also need to sort out why, despite being on two different anti-depressants and a mood stabilizer for my bi-polar, why I still can’t get the energy to do anything outside of work. I switched my morning anti-depressant to last night, with the rest of my prescription pills, to see if it would keep me awake, and if it would help me get moving easier. I think it did kinda help. I slept later this morning, but I didn’t feel half dead and got off to a slightly more energetic start. I yawn a lot during the day and constantly feel like I need to go back to bed, but today wasn’t as bad. I’m going to try leaving things switched for a while and see what happens. And no, it’s nothing hormonal, I’ve already had that looked at, plus I take B12, D3, and B Complex vitamins in the morning. I’m not telling S about this crap. I’m still not confident in this being a constant, or her being sane, so I don’t feel comfortable telling her. I might tell BL, if she ever talks again. Haven’t heard anything from her since that first conversation when she messaged me. Meh, whatever. I’ll keeping wishing we could have a constant conversation, but I’m not going to push it. I’d say I’d tell J about it all, but she’ll read this at some point. She’s busy with a new job, so I don’t want to be a pest.

I had a rather crap job with a cheap old bat in Seattle earlier in the week, and was caught in the middle between what I knew, and what she’d been told by the salesman (R’s husband), and I swear it was like I just showed up at her house completely nude, it was THAT uncomfortable. So I had to call R to get this sorted out. R got mad because she was trying to ask SC about it and I guess he was in a mood or something, and she tells me that he’s “being a little bitch”. Had I not been in front of a customer, I’d have had more of a laugh about that, but I was embarrassed, confused, and flustered for getting thrown under the bus on this job, and just wanted to get the hell out of there. I basically fudged my times so she only got charged a trip charge, oiled the door, and left, once I got things straightened out. I honestly was also pissed off, because I’m trying to ask the customer questions to try and diagnose the issue she’d been having with her door opener (which of course is operating perfectly because I showed up.) and I’d have gotten more information from pissing on a spark plug. I like my job, just not most of my customers.

Don’t recall if I mentioned that part of my fence got blown out in the windstorm last week, but I got it fixed yesterday. I hired a local guy off NextDoor. $300, he dug out the old post remnants, set 2 new posts in concrete, braced the new posts, reattached the fence panels, and was gone before I stopped back at home around 11am. I was surprised and impressed. The fixed bit actually looks better than the original bit. I was leaning more to calling a dedicated fence company, but something said give the guy a shot. It was a worthwhile risk, that paid off.

I’m gonna go lay down and watch a movie. Partly because the cat is on the back of the couch, snoring loudly and poking me behind the ear with the bony end of his tail. Weirdo.

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DE_KentuckyGirl November 22, 2020

Saw you on another journal in the comments I am reading new journals today. :)

My fence has been blown over in bad winds too but it's old and needs replaced. There is a huge dead oak tree very close to it that I have to get cut down first tho. Wish my cost was gonna end up close to what you paid!!

He Who Must Not Be Named DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ November 22, 2020

Joys of having a house. When things break, you get to fix them. lol
I like the wood privacy fence, but they do go bad if they're not kept up with. Too bad about the oak being dead. I've always like the old oak trees.
You could always have the fence partly done. The posts ( to me anyway) are the biggest pain in the ass, which is why I hired someone. Have someone else set the posts, then all you have to do is nail (or screw) on the 2x4's, and put the pickets on.
I've seen your name before. Did I not comment on one of your posts a while back?

DE_KentuckyGirl He Who Must Not Be Named ⋅ November 22, 2020

You may have. I've seen your name on journals at times.

My daughter's boyfriend is gonna replace ours. We were setting out to do it when we noticed.....uh, the tree. Our fencing doesn't go around our entire yard, just the back of the patio. The panels need replacing. They've been there forever.

He Who Must Not Be Named DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ November 22, 2020

It's good you've got someone who can get it done for you. If the tree isn't too horribly rotten, you might be able to sell the wood to a woodworker, or trade it for them taking the tree down. Just a thought.

Sup3rjaw November 23, 2020

I put up a fence once - wasn't as hard as I thought it would be once you've got the tools, the materials and the time... yeah you made the right call.

Imagine: a job without people.

He Who Must Not Be Named Sup3rjaw ⋅ November 23, 2020

My job would be easier if the customers just opened the door and went back in the house. LOL

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