Emergency Update in NoJoMo 2020

  • Nov. 18, 2020, 11:27 p.m.
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Hey all. Sorry I haven’t posted. My mom had to make an abrupt visit to her cardiologist. They think her covid may have done some damage to her her heart. She is home for a bit, but she will go in again next week.

2020 won’t even let me do NoJoMo properly. Ha.

But, keep writing! I look forward to the down time to read your entries.


-Your Admin

Muffin Princess November 19, 2020

Don’t worry about NoJoMo, your mom is more important!

thesunnyabyss November 19, 2020

take care of your Mom, and yourself,

Leanne 🌈 November 19, 2020

Keeping you & your mom in my thoughts.

Barbara Bad November 19, 2020

Love to your mum, hope she's better soon x

Kristi1971 November 21, 2020

Healing thoughts for your mom!

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