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  • Nov. 16, 2020, 8:13 p.m.
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Well, it was inevitable. We’re getting spanked by the state because people don’t want to wear their masks, and caused a spike in Covid cases. I know this is mostly due to more and more people getting tested, but still. And it’s gonna be worse this time. More things restricted with more restrictions on the bits that are allowed. Great. It’s no affect on my job, shockingly. Eh, whatever. I’ll keep wearing my mask and keeping away from people. But someone doesn’t want to abide by that. I’ll come back to that.

The weather was very appropriate for a Monday. It’s been raining to some degree all day. Sometimes it’s a mist, sometimes it’s a lite proper rain. It got worse throughout the day, culminating in a good rain with a thick fog. Goes without saying, I was really glad when I put the van away, came in the house, turned up the furnace, and changed into my sweats. Screw today. And tomorrow.... Oooohhhhh goody, I get to go to Seattle. If I wasn’t trying to go all year without taking a day off, I’d call in sick. The closer to Seattle you get, the dumber drivers get. Going to Seattle proper is exactly why I have a dash cam in my van. Narrow roads, drivers on the phones, entitled angry bicyclists, and oblivious pedestrians. Bellevue and Kirkland aren’t as much of an issue to me, despite being equally dense and equally uppity. But I’d still prefer to stay farther out in the burbs, or out in the woods or farm land preferably.

S was point blank blunt that she wants to get me in bed. Basically told me to get my ass over there and something about needy woman something. I dunno, and I’m not getting up to get my phone off the charger and look at the message. I mean, we just found out we’re getting put under restriction again, and she’s talking about being way closer than 6 feet. Aye aye aye.
She does make a good point. It’s good weather to be snuggled up to someone, and I definitely like that idea, but with her? I get a feeling talking to her that IF I did go over, she’s gonna push to go further, and I’ve been alone so long, I may be more easily coerced than I’d like. Staying locked in my house still seems to be the better idea.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I finally replaced my smart watch, and BestBuy had a package deal for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Buds, or whatever the hell they’re called, for under $300, so I got it. I’ve been holding off on getting the fully wireless ear buds cause I mainly use my big Bose noise cancelling headphones at work, and I have this LG wired bluetooth earbud thing that I also leave in the van, so I didn’t think the buds were really worth their price alone. I used them last night on the video chat, then had them in while driving around today to drown out the noise from the deferred maintenance (bad wheel bearing), and they’re actually pretty nice. They have this function where I can let some ambient sound in, but make it focused on voices, so I can listen to the radio, but not hear as much of the other noise. Consider this a long term test. As for the watch, it’s nice to have the heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking, if I can figure out how to make it show the levels of my sleep during the night. My old phone and watch would show me if I’d been restless, or had deep sleep, and for how long. Probably something I have to figure out. Oh, but I can’t use the ECG function because it needs the Samsung Health Monitor app, which won’t run if your phone is rooted. Pfft. That’s two. The first was the app that is supposed to work with my dish washer. Whatever.

Well, I’ve got my wrist brace on again, so I think I’m gonna call it a day, and stretch out on the couch. The rain is coming and going in spurts, but occasionally I can hear it plinking off the AC unit. Unwind and brace for tomorrow. I might need to rename my books.

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