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  • Nov. 14, 2020, 9:44 a.m.
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Today was windier than I could recall. It was interesting driving the van around. I had to go to Camano Island again today, which is twice in a week, not very common. It was a quick simple call, maintenance and figuring out why their Audi’s built in remote suddenly stopped working the garage door. I’ve dealt with some gusty conditions around here, but this was nuts. This house was up on a hill, and the wind kept changing direction. I was on my ladder tying to isolate this squeal that was pissing me off, and a gust of wind blew the top center of the door in by about a half inch, despite it being reinforced, and the opener arm holding the door in place. I’m not used to getting a gust of wind over the top of a closed door that blows my hair. Then I had to dick around and figure out how to get the Audi to learn the remote for the garage door and the community gate. Here’s a hint, when the media center says “aim the remote towards the inside mirror”, some remotes have to be on the back side of the mirror, between it and the windscreen. Funny part, I’m just about to start the van and leave when customer tells me the built in remote quit working again. It only works with the ignition on. Hazard a guess on why the built in remote wasn’t working. I reach in the passenger door, hit the start button, hit the built in remote, and the door runs. I got the distinct impression that my knowing something about the customer’s car that the customer didn’t know was a bit insulting. “Have a great weekend!”

I was only there for an hour, but in that time, a tree on the main road in the neighborhood was blown down, as well as a couple more on the main road back to the interstate. I was getting blown around enough that I was having to correct with steering. I’ve had wind give me a good shake, enough to rock the van, or my personal truck, but never needed to steer into the wind. I didn’t realise I was driving a boat. Land yacht. Heh. Oh, and I was offloading the door I took out the day I messed up my neck, and the wind caught one of the panels as I was trying to throw it into the dumpster, and sent it back toward me. I managed to catch it before it caught my head. The next panel had windows in it. Had. My temper ain’t great when I get injured. Or almost injured. Oops.

Work was pretty much dead after I finished my service calls, so I ended up coming home an hour early. I had to replace the little gizmo in the car for my insurance discount, and since I had the razor scraper out, I also took the two decals off the back of the van from its previous utility company owner. After that, the wind picked up again and got a fair bit colder, so I retreated inside, got out of my work clothes, and relaxed. I just have to remember not to stay up stupidly late tonight, and maybe I’ll get some decent sleep. I hope. I’m still waking up ahead of my alarm clock, even after dreams. Like after last night’s dream, I still woke up 45 minutes before my alarm. I got pissed off laying in bed and got up 10 minutes early. Oh well. I’m calling a day. The episode of Voyager I was watching just ended, and my eyes are getting heavy. Just like the rest of me. Everything feels heavy lately. But that’s for another entry.

Sup3rjaw November 17, 2020

"Have a great weekend!" lol

He Who Must Not Be Named Sup3rjaw ⋅ November 17, 2020

I'm a smartass. What can I say. LOL

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