How Bizzare in Dreams

  • Nov. 13, 2020, 8:09 a.m.
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I started out with it being just BL and I. It was just really simple stuff, but no idea where we were. At first we were in my car going to different places, but there never seemed to be a point to where we went. Then things really got shuffled. I was with S at some old looking building supply store, and I’d picked up a piece of metal, that was a little taller than me. As we were getting to the checkout lines, I spotted BL and her mom. BL and I made eye contact, and I waved cautiously. She gave me this sort of “go ahead” look, so I waved at her and her mom more obviously, and they walked over. I introduced them to S, and BL’s mom introduced her as if we’d never met. BL gave me this “they have no idea” look, with a sly grin. It’s like we knew each other, but we weren’t supposed to, or something.

I didn’t get a lot of subtext in the dream. My inner monologue was unusually quiet for a dream with BL in it. But introducing her to S? Well… I can’t call it impossible, cause BL proved impossible to be wrong, but it’s something I’ll not do intentionally.

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