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  • Nov. 7, 2020, 4:57 p.m.
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It’s pretty clear what the results of the election are going to be, despite GOP trying to sue Pennsylvania over the mail in ballots. That’s not going to be enough. For the record, I did in fact vote for Trump. I actually voted red all across the board, due to what I’ve seen happen in Seattle. The Democrats have ruined Seattle, just like they’ve done with California, and when they could no longer tolerate the mess they’ve made, they moved away and infected other places. Hence, the steaming hot mess / spectacular dumpster fire that is now Freeattle.
That said, there are a lot of things I don’t agree with Republicans on. We ARE NOT a nation founded on the Christian religion. It says so in our constitution. Separation of church and state. I don’t think the government has any business to get involved in anyone’s reproductive choices. They’re not made lightly. I also don’t agree with the Democrats on things either. We need smaller government with less useless programs that cost a fortune. Existing immigration laws need to be enforced. Hell, all existing laws need to be enforced. IE: I can no longer fly with a Washington state driver’s license, because they give them to anyone. I had to get my long form birth certificate from Texas, so I can go get a passport - and mind you, this is just if I wanted to fly back to Texas, or to my friend’s in Pennsylvania, much less anywhere else in the world. I do not agree that drugs should be legalized, all that does is create more addicts, and keep existing homeless addicts on the street.

Now, that said, I do think there is too much -ist and -phobe crap going on and it needs to stop. People need to just accept people, and people who want to be accepted should stop trying to shove acceptance down other’s throats. I don’t give a furry flying fuck from France what pronouns you use or want to be referred by. I’m going to call you by whatever pronoun I see you as. If I get it wrong, you are welcome to tell me POLITELY, and I will correct the mistake. But if you want to be a shitbag about it, you can kiss my ass. Being offended does not make you right, nor does it make others wrong. Opinion isn’t fact. Shit, I’m ramblanting. We need closed borders with open access points. Yes, you’re welcome here, but do it the legal way, like my coworker did. We need to stop putting our nose in other people’s business and stop fighting other people’s wars. We desperately need to stop fighting among ourselves, and letting bullshit divide us. Stop playing the victim, and start playing the hero.
Enough of this.

Work was rather uneventful since my last entry, other than having to do an install at a house with an insanely steep driveway that I almost couldn’t get out of. Did something that day to my neck, from the base of my skull to the middle of my neck that felt like my head was breaking off. Oh, which set of a MASSIVE blinding migraine. I somehow finished the job, made it back to the shop, into my car, home, and into the bathtub without barfing. After 4 Ibuprofen and an hour and half in a hot bath, I felt substantially better. Friday went better.

Still talking to BL, or will be when she comes back on line. Nothing’s wrong, but the reason why she’s offline would be revealing a bit too much identifiable information about her. She’s sent me 2 selfies. She really is stunning. Just been talking about work and various things, but she did get me into a personality test I found interesting. I’ve done the 16 personalities before (I’m INFP-T, if you’re wondering) but BL told me about the (grabs phone to find screen shot) OSPP Four Temperaments Test (Choleric/Melancholic/Sanguine/Phelgmatic). Very short test, but accurate results. (I’m phlegmatic. Phleg-12, San-7, Mel-8, Chol-5) She also told me hers, and it’s pretty accurate about her, though I still need to read the thing on her results. I sent her a bunch of scenary pics yesterday, just because. I still don’t know what I’m doing when talking to her. I swear, this is like when I asked her out in highscool. I still get nervous and jittery talking to her, but it’s not a bad way.... if that makes any sense.

I stayed up too late last night, and I slept entirely too late today. Probably won’t get anything done, but I guess I can’t try if I’m sitting here writing a journal entry. C’est la vie.

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