NoJoMo 5 in 2020

  • Nov. 5, 2020, 10:04 a.m.
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How do you deal with compliments?

I’m trying to be better about that. I used to be like, “Thanks, but really it’s nothing,” or just dodge them altogether, but now I typically say thank you and try to compliment the other person back. Assuming it’s someone I like. Otherwise I just smile and move on.

Speaking of not interacting with people I don’t like, we’ve hired a new person at work (she’s lovely so far) which means I’m giving up the extra day I’ve been working - which is Wednesday, so I don’t have to work with my nemesis anymore! Hurray! That and the fact that I apparently live in a surprise swing state are the two things I’m celebrating this week. Nemesis is not a bad person, her work ethic (or lack thereof) just irritates the ever-loving shit out of me.

My boss is still out sick, and we have no idea when she’ll be back. I’m worried for her at this point, but she’s very private so I know she’s not going to share a lot of medical information - but still, apparently she’s in a tremendous amount of pain and her doctors can’t seem to figure out exactly what’s going on. I talked to the library director yesterday and told her I’m just going to start jumping in and doing stuff when it needs done rather than waiting for someone to tell me it needs doing. She’s kind of stoic, but I think she appreciates my enthusiasm for helping out.

Today is all about dog cuddles, grocery shopping, and not much else - and I am here for it. It’s finally cold enough to justify making soup, so I’ll be doing that tonight. There’s probably things I need to catch up on, but I need a mental break so I’m taking advantage of the down time for today.

Honor November 05, 2020

A crazy surprise swing state! Also, I’m trying to be like you on the compliments thing. It’s not easy!

Calicakes November 05, 2020

Fingers crossed for GA that they come thru!!

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