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  • Nov. 4, 2020, 6:35 p.m.
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I really think Biden is going to win. I’m not sure why all the ‘Never Trumpers’ seemed to be so worried. Obviously I didn’t vote for Biden, but truth be told I don’t really think Biden is going to do most of the stuff he said he wants to do anyway. I’m not happy about having an old senile man as our “leader” and I also don’t think a female should be in a leadership role for our country.

At the end of the day it’s not worth getting worked up over things you can’t control. If we’re lucky, the worst thing that will happen is some of us will lose our jobs and maybe a little bit of money. I will personally be okay especially since my investments more than doubled under Trumps administration.

Last updated November 04, 2020

crystal butterfly November 04, 2020

I have debated pulling all my money out of investments if Biden is elected and his tax plan goes thru. I would rather pay a smaller tax now than a larger tax later. How ever I keep praying that when all the dust settles that Trump comes out on top. I want my children and grandchildren to have at least 4 more years of prosperity.

Chaz crystal butterfly ⋅ November 04, 2020

I don’t know all the details on his tax plan for income tax. As far as I know it won’t affect me. I’m a middle class wage earner. He wants to screw us on our 401k though from what I’m seeing. That will affect the middle class badly unfortunately. Stock investments will hopefully be okay. I was surprised to see the market did well today.

crystal butterfly Chaz ⋅ November 04, 2020

I am hoping the trend stays where so far 87% of incumbent presidents are elected back when the market is up. And also keep praying for God to pull it out for him.

TommyGnosis November 04, 2020 (edited November 04, 2020)


The TDS ones are coming at me hard today. A Biden victory is not getting rid of the Trump base that is standing up to the radical insane left. But yes, I think the socialists are doing America the way they did Venezuela. It’s ending in litigation. going to the house to win a trump election is like buying a condom after getting pregnant. Established Republicans don’t like the Trump base. We don’t fall for their tricks. I agree that Biden will not likely do what he said he was going to do. Republicans won the Senate, the house and have the Supreme Court. The filibuster will stay, Puerto Rico is not getting statehood, they’re not packing the court. They will have to spoon feed Americans socialism. Conservatives are going to fight hard to win the culture and replace legacy media. If the dems do manage to give free college tuition they will create more leftists so the silent majority is going to have to get loud.

Chaz TommyGnosis ⋅ November 04, 2020

I think Trump could have done some things differently this year to have won over more voters too. He let his ego get in the way a few times and it hurt him. I called him out a few times for it this year.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ November 04, 2020

You're right. Those tactics only worked the first time. However, after what we saw last night it didn't matter. The Dem wanted to copy Venezuela. I am still praying for a wild card

Camdengirl November 05, 2020

I get why you aren’t keen on having someone who clearly has memory issues in charge, but why not a woman? That’s bizarre!

Azrael November 05, 2020

But you are ok with the pussy grabbing man child that throws tantrums every time something doesn't go his way?

So happy Mexico funded the wall that doesn't work and also that my health insurance is so awesome now?

Chaz Azrael ⋅ November 05, 2020


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