Socialism in Life After 60

  • Nov. 4, 2020, 9:48 p.m.
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It’s November 4th, 2020, and true to 2020, we are still not sure who will be leading the country in 2021. Depending on which way God decides to let the scales tip we are either looking at 4 more years of prosperity or tribulation should the Demon-crats win.
How can anyone vote to kill unborn children? Who really wants to close the churches. I can assure you that once this happens there will be nothing protecting the U.S. A. from the full wrath of God.
In the few days that remain before a clear winner is decided I am asking God to look beyond our faults as a nation, and grant us mercy from His throne, and put Trump back in office. We are literally, one vote away from the beginning of the end! Never give up, never surrender!

TommyGnosis November 04, 2020

The world is safest when America is strong! My prayers are for the same.

crystal butterfly November 04, 2020

I have asked God not to completely turn his back on America and let us have 4 more years of Trump.

Douglas Kinney crystal butterfly ⋅ November 09, 2020

I agree.

@nonnymouse November 04, 2020

In four years, this country has gone from hope to hate. I feel sorry for you, but more sorry for everyone else your words and ideas have harmed.
I hope your 'god' will be lenient in his judgement of you, because you certainly do not deserve it. No true god would ever espouse the fearful, hateful things you believe; he would recoil from you and send you away.

Douglas Kinney @nonnymouse ⋅ November 09, 2020

I can tell by the lines you're reciting you have drunk the Socialist cool-aid!

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