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  • Nov. 4, 2020, 2:12 a.m.
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I spent most of my day sitting on a 2x12 plank, 35 feet in the air, in the top corner of a boat house, on a windy day, freezing my ass off, trying to fixing a door opener. It was an hour to get there, and an hour to get back. Also, I had to climb to my cold wooden perch, I had to climb the steel framework of the boat house. Thankfully, when I bought my safety harness, I bought a lanyard that has two hooks, so I can use it like a climbing harness in situations like this. Move one hook at a time, but still be connected to the structure. I also have a stationary tether - basically just a rope with a hook on each end, that I wrapped around the truss and hooked to the points on the front of my harness, so I was connected to the roof structure by 3 points. But I still clenched up whenever the boathouse moved. Being 35 feet up in a swaying boat house is much different than being 18-20 feet up in the boat houses I’m normally in. Well, a little change of pace is a good thing, I think.

Then I get home, and post about having a bit of anxiety about how Seattle is going to handle the election results, and I got a PM on Messenger. BL. I just about shat myself. More shocking than when she sent me a friend request. She opened the conversation by asking about who I’m voting for. Hey, I’m just glad she broke the ice. I learned a few things about her I’d not known. I knew she’d been divorced, but she told me a little more to the story. She’s had a bit rougher time than I realised. But it also shows how strong a person she is, which I already knew, and how good a person, which again I already knew. So, at least I can confirm that I’m not just some other Facecrook friend. She does actually want to be friends. It’s a relief. I’ve not blathered on to her about the apology I owe her, and she’s not said she forgives me, but it’s a step in the right direction. Her message is kind of a relief.

S is still being obvious about where she wants things to go. When she invites me over, I’ve been able to just ignore and brush over them, and continue on with the conversation. But I know that won’t work for too terribly much longer. I’m still leaning towards it’s a bad idea, but I’m realizing with where my mind likes to go, and what my dreams like to show me, it may be a solution I should accept. Meh. Point blank told J I’d much rather it be her. She, in her cleverly subtle way, more or less suggested she agrees. If only she didn’t live an ocean away.
Not gonna lie, having two girls suggest that sort of interest in me is a welcome ego boost. Yes, I am still just a guy.

Tonight is election night. I’m a bit terrified of what’s going to happen in Seattle. Either Trump is gonna win, and the left is going to riot and burn the city down, or Biden is gonna win, the left will celebrate excessively, and likely burn the city down. Tonight is a night that I do not feel safe in my own home. I’m not going to get into my voting habits tonight. Tonight is not a good night. Tonight is.... Folks, however you vote, don’t give people who don’t vote the same as you a hard time. Just be a decent human being. However someone votes doesn’t dictate what kind of person they are.

I’m going to bed. Hopefully I don’t wake up an hour early again.

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