Chick Chick Boom in Reconnaissance

  • Nov. 1, 2020, 8:51 a.m.
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Finally, the good news !! The kite couple have a chick !!!
Most likely , yesterday.

Through out the day I noticed that both the kites were spending more time on the nest together. It was towards the evening that I confirmed the little movement behind the branch was not from rich plumes the kites have on their legs but a tiny-weeny chick.

Since then I ve been trying to capture a pix of the new born without success. Most of the time mom-kite tucks it between its neck and feet and stays crouched there. The pop-kite tries to be on the nest for more time but not for long as it is in the business of keeping every other bird and even hooman clear. It has swooped on me three times from nowhere. But it looks more careful to come too close to me as it had hit the nylon net earlier.

I had never seen the egg and now though I ve seen the tiny face of the chick, it looks too small for the big birds.

I would have missed the day but for being a weekend.

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