Wedding Photos in The Next Chapter: 2020-2021?

  • Oct. 21, 2020, 1:08 a.m.
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I finally received our wedding photos yesterday. There are a few that I am really happy with and a ton I’m sad that are just a smidge off being perfect. I thought he was a good photographer, but he proved to me differently. If was as good as he thinks he is, we should have had a bunch of perfect photos- he should have told us to move to another spot so the sun wasn’t in our eyes making me close my eyes for the family pictures. The few where my eyes were open, one of the kids is making a funny face… A good photographer would have known that.

I know I’m overweight, and we plan to have another wedding- but im still sad that most of the pictures of me suck. I found a select few I like.

He ruined a ton by having the light from behind too bright. He should have known that light behind the subject needed to be less harsh and taken into consideration when taking the picture. We have so many cute pictures that were ruined because of the bright sun behind us washing the image out. I might be able to go back and edit some of them and save them. He added color saturation to a few and I cleaned it up so I could live with them.

I attempted to combine a couple of almost perfect images and had to give up because they were done too differently. I’ll keep looking and I might be able to find something. 🤞🤞

On the bright side- I have this one photo I love alt text

Guess he isn’t as talented as he claims… 🤷🏻 it’s alright though- our second wedding we’re going to find a great photographer and have a huge wedding after I get to a healthy weight.

I’m going to do it! I’m working on it now. 💕

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