Day One Starts Soon in The Next Chapter: 2020-2021?

  • Oct. 12, 2020, 1:26 p.m.
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This week I’ll be starting my new plan. I’m going to start taking an injectable medication to go in hand with the one I’ve been taking for months. It’ll help increase the amount of weight I’m losing with very little effort. I am doing a good job. I’m losing half to two pounds every week, on average. But with this added in, I can lose up to 5-10 times that amount each week. I really want to see a difference.

I would be starting it tomorrow, BUT… the pharmacy is out of the medication I’ll be starting. Looks like Wednesday is my official day ONE!

I’m looking foreword to this. It’s going to be a fast few months.

I’m taking three college courses, getting high nineties in all of them right now. I’m working at the real estate office, stopped driving the school bus… I might have found a permanent job doing admin work, if all goes well. My boys are home schooled, and doing well.

My honey was able to get his financing for the home improvements. We’re MARRIED! Golly, it’s 1 month in, and we’re still so happy we made this life changing decision.

I saw my doctor today; she ran a huge verity of tests. I have gotten so many of my numbers into an almost healthy range. Showing that I am making good life choices overall, and this next step is the perfect one for me to take. I have been getting healthier from the inside first. Which is totally what my goal was. Now I want to see my results. I want to look in the mirror and be proud of my accomplishments.

I start seeing a therapist on Friday! That’s going to be my day three.

This year has been so lifechanging, it’s hard to believe we have to blame a pandemic for the things that feel they’re going our way.

Time to start a “new book”

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