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  • Oct. 10, 2020, 10:18 a.m.
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That’s fairly accurate for what this week has been.

Monday wasn’t horrible, except for the door I took out weighed a metric shit ton, and trying to put one of the bigger sections on the truck, lost my grip on the heavy side and dropped it on my head. I was quite displeased, said many swears, and thankfully the customer was no where to be found. I’ve learned I can’t carry anything on top of my head like I used to (100lb section bundles and stuff) as it compresses my neck, which gets it flared up, which gives me a migraine. Guess what dropping the heavy side of a 60lb section did. Yep, finished the work with a sore neck and a migraine from hell. Thankfully, the door was too big for the van, so I’d taken the mostly broken smoker’s truck (check engine light is on, front end suspension is shot, and none of the gauges are reliable.) so I had a couple of cigs with me, so that helped on the ride back to the shop.

Tuesday, thankfully, was uneventful. Though I did notice I was losing air in the back right tire. The van has that tire pressure monitor thing in the gauges, so I can keep an eye on stuff like that. Filled the tire back up to match pressure with the other side and got on with it.

Wednesday wasn’t too bad, but in the process of trying to install a reinforcement plate, I was pulling myself against the door to put a little more weight against my impact, and did something to my shoulder. It’s not the first time it’s happened, but it feels like I’ve pulled it partly out of socket or something. So I fought that for the rest of the day, and into the next.

Thursday I was doing a spring conversion, and had a minor mishap. I was coming down off my 4’ ladder and my left boot caught on something. I tried to quickly get my right foot on the ground, but didn’t see the new spring pipe had rolled away from the leg of my ladder to the center, my right foot caught that, went right out from under me, and I landed on the concrete on my side. If I didn’t hurt from hitting the concrete, I hurt from the jarring shock of hitting the concrete. That also jammed my wallet into the joint of my hip, so walking has been fun, and trying to climb up… well.. anything, with my right foot first has just been massively painful.

Friday was another install with another installer, which helped. 3 doors and a motor replacement, and I was last to leave before 2pm. I’ve been telling R for years that installs always go faster with two people, and it opens up more opportunity to pick up more work. She always wants to argue that it’s not worth it, or we can’t justify the cost, or “_ can do an install in 3 hours alone.” Which now I can reply with “yeah, and I get to go back and fix them” since that’s happened. I got the van’s tire patched then proceeded to drop my iPhone on the ground at the shop. It landed face down on a rock, and broke the glass screen protector. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have done anything to my phone. High quality screen protectors and OtterBox Defender cases are ALWAYS on my phones. 12 years of owning a smart phone and I’ve only broken 1 screen, and that was before I started using a case. 11 years since that happened. I intended to go have the screen protector replaced last night, but was out of energy. So I finished re-watching StarTrek: Deep Space 9. Now I’ve gotta pick another series to binge.

That brings me to today. It’s currently raining, as it has since about 11 last night. It’s a little bit heavier rain than usual, but I have no complaints. I’m going to try and get the screen protector replaced today, but otherwise, I don’t plan to do much else. I need to just rest.

Mamie October 10, 2020

you're getting all beat up. feel better

He Who Must Not Be Named Mamie ⋅ October 10, 2020

Thanks, Mamie. :-)

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