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I logged in to read and write, and spotted an entry on the front page titled “lost a friend”, next line says “to Trump”. Seriously? People really think political opinions are valid reasons to dump friends? How soft and small a person do you have to be to decide that you can’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t think the same way as you do? What’s funny was from the way it was written, the poster is obviously left leaning. The left are the same ones who tell us we have to be accepting of everyone, no matter what. So is it not a contradiction that someone who believes all should be accepted can’t accept someone for a reason as stupid as politics? You have every right to your opinion, but your opinion doesn’t make you right.
For the record, I’m probably a bit left of center, but I don’t think Trump or Biden are any good. But after watching what the Dems have done to Seattle, and every other large city, I will vote red just to thin out the blue herd.
Guess I’ll get into my politics now.
There are things I don’t like about the left. I do not believe in open borders. Yes, I think everyone should be allowed to come here and make a life for themselves, but I believe they should enter at a border crossing, be documented, follow our laws, and pay our taxes. And there are some that do that. My coworker is one of them. But the ones who see fit to cut the line and sneak in should not get rewarded for their misdeeds. They don’t deserve amnesty or handouts. Send them back from whence they came and the can take their place in line.
I think the blues are half right about weed. I think it’s a great idea medicinally, but recreationally was just stupid. Especially when I know we’re having the same issues with it as we do with everything, IE dude in front of me on Tuesday going 10 under the limit on a main road whilst smoking a very “potent” joint. Potent as in when he blew out, I could smell it through my air vents.
But I don’t agree with reds on the pro life stance. The problems with prolife are the government has no business interfering in a woman’s highly personal decisions with her doctor, and the pro life camp is really just pro-birth. They don’t help during the pregnancy, or after birth, they’re just concerned that the kid gets pushed out. And 10:1 they’re gonna grow up to vote for the Dems, so really pro-life is shooting the reps in the ass.
I fully believe in the second amendment. I think everyone should have a gun and know full well how to use it, but I don’t think you should be allowed to carry that gun in public unless you’ve been trained how to react to situations and how to use your gun in those situations, and have a license or certification of some sort to prove it.
I fully support the ban against China. I believe we’ve shipped way too many of our jobs over seas, and we import substandard products from countries with substandard working and living conditions to save a couple bucks. There was a time when “Made in USA” was a pride to sell and a pride to buy. How would our unemployment drop if we brought those jobs back?
I believe we’re on the right track with lowering our carbon footprint, but I believe there’s still plenty more to do, and part of that is reduce our business with known polluters.
We need to stop fighting other countries battles for them. They want our HELP, great, we’ll get it where it’s easier for them to manage, but we get our people out ASAP.
We also need to stop being so helpful to countries who have a majority sentiment of “death to america”. No money, no supplies, no tax cuts, no exports, no imports, no support. Nothing. Unless they try and harm us, in which case I would suggest pinpoint accuracy with a tactical nuclear device, or something of equal precision and force. And yes, a nuclear device can be precise.
I believe there are entirely too many loopholes in both the tax and penal codes that need to be closed. We’ve seen people get off who were obviously guilty, we’ve seen billionaires pay next to nothing in taxes, and sham “religious organizations” pay nothing in taxes and make millions. IE megachurches that should be megashelters or mega-soup-kitchens.
I believe the government and schools alike should not recognize or support ANY religion, period. This country WAS NOT founded on a religion, and in our founding documents clearly states no laws shall be made to support or restrict any religion - I’m paraphrasing as I can’t be bothered to go look it up.
I believe that you have every right to believe what ever makes you happy, from Jesus Christ to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Cthulhu (let’s see how many I piss off with that), but you don’t have the right to force your beliefs on others. Beliefs and opinions are like a penis: it’s okay to have one, it’s okay to be proud of it, but it’s not okay to shove it down other’s throats - unless they’re into that kinda thing. I’m not.
I also believe it’s perfectly okay to love who you love. If you’re a FtM lesbian in love with an asexual neutral, then I wish you the best. Same as if you’re the average man/woman couple. But it’s not on the rest of the world to learn your pronouns. Be who you are, be happy, and be patient with the rest of us. You may well be the first and only person like you we ever have and ever will meet.
I think new moms should get a hell of a lot more maternity leave, and I think new dads should also get paternatity leave. You’ve just added a completely helpless screaming poop factory to your family. Congratulations. Take some time to acclimate and get a new routine together.

I’m currently out of ideas to talk about, and out of time as I need to get the usual crap done. Might add more to this later.
Give me ideas, let’s see if I can offend you.

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Struggling With This Xylophone October 04, 2020

Probably my favorite entry on politics I've read here.

Telstar October 04, 2020

Not bad...……...

Sleepy-Eyed John October 04, 2020 (edited October 04, 2020)


I agree with you mostly.

The US is likely in those countries that hate them for cheap oil to maintain an economic advantage to keep the power brokers happy supported by media lies and hypocrisy etc. It's probably not because the US believes they need a hug.

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