Bicycle in In the Meadow

  • Oct. 2, 2020, 6:44 p.m.
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In exciting news, I bought a bicycle. I have been trying to get one since June. I guess there was a shortage. I have not ridden in a few years. I still remember how to balance but the steering took a while to get used to.

Kayla and Timmy have gone through all of September at university. They are in study groups, both online and in person. They said this really helps because the classes are hard. They find the subjects interesting though. Right now Kayla is thinking she might like to teach science. She’s not ready to decide though. Timmy is still not sure. They have been able to coordinate study times with their roommates.

Timmy has been checking out Boston. The cultural attractions are starting to reopen. He has been getting used to taking the train system. Kayla has visited several parks in the area. Sometimes they take the train to places along the Hudson.

Aaron is getting used to being in school again. They have been fortunate not to have any Covid cases and have not had to go remote. He is taking Biology this year and likes the lab. He has started cross-country. They had their first meet this week. They are having meets with one other school at a time.

I am getting into the fall /Halloween spirit. I bought some pumpkins today. I would like to do a corn maze.

Last updated October 02, 2020

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