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  • Sept. 19, 2020, 8:10 a.m.
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L is finally on a football team. It’s been an effing long road. She spent a year training with a boys team, constantly being promised that she would make the team soon but that never happened. She then joined a new Girl’s team but, despite the massive amounts of effort they put in, they never got enough kids of L’s age group to make an under 12 team so she trained with them for a year but rarely got to play a match.

The couple who ran that team have a daughter L’s age (L2) and she was also desperate for a team so she moved to a well established local women’s team (the under 14 section), L2’s mum contacted me and asked if L had a team yet.

Well, that’s another story. The absolute top team in the league (coached by an ex player of our local professional football team) headhunted L just before lockdown but by the time I contacted them this summer they had filled all their spaces. The coach was disappointed but couldn’t go against club ruling. I contacted another new club that was just setting up but I just didn’t quite feel comfy about it, without knowing why, so I didn’t pursue it.

Fast forward to last week when I was contacted by L2’s mum about this team. On Friday I contacted the admin person who said they were a player short for the match the following morning and would L like to play.

L’s reply? ”YEEEEEEEEES!”

And they were playing against the team L was headhunted for… (L’s team lost).

And now Saturdays are all about matches. Today we were up at 7am, the match is in a city an hour away and L is happy again ⚽️ 😊

~Twinkle~ September 19, 2020

Great news for L!

thesunnyabyss September 19, 2020


Jinn September 19, 2020

So glad for L. !

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