• Aug. 15, 2020, 8:35 a.m.
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Don’t mistake my silence. A lot of people do. They assume wrong about me until it’s too late. After that, they usually have regrets.

For starters, don’t mistake my silence as consent and obedience. You may not hear me saying no. You probably pretend to be deaf when I actually do.

So, my silence is not my surrender. Don’t be surprised when my fists and kicks do the talking. Normally, I’m not a violent person. I hate hurting people or even having to. If something like this ever happens (may God forbid, hopefully never!), then there’s only one reason:

You’ve already pushed me right to the edge.

Don’t mistake my silence as a weakness. This doesn’t mean I cannot defend myself. I don’t have to speak so much, but I always choose my words carefully. I make sure my words matter. I know some people talk too much. They just love the sound of their own voices that they fill the silence. That’s all they can do when they talk.

They make so much, useless noise. Besides, people who talk too much often reveal their weaknesses too. They do so more often than they realize they do.

Don’t mistake my silence for stupidity. I don’t have to tell you what I know or not. I don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone else. I have nothing to prove.

I’ve known enough that most stupid people open their big mouths too much. They tell stories that aren’t true. They spill secrets they shouldn’t. They’re so smug that they’re unaware of this fault of their own:

One day, their words are going to be used against them. It doesn’t really matter when. Here and now…or in the afterlife…

…That’s when none of us escape, not even the quiet ones…

Even our fingers have become the extension of our thoughts and mouths. So, you’d better watch out.

Don’t mistake my silence for comfort. It may not even be yours to begin with. If you’re still sensitive enough, you can feel it in the air. My silence shall give you the chills.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Unfortunately, people often do. I’m not always this passive-aggressive. Once I’ve said my piece and got dismissed so many times, I’m done talking to you. It’s as useless and difficult as teaching cats how to fly.

What’s next after that? Well, it depends on your willingness to listen – and admit you’re wrong if you are.

If you think that only your voice matters, then we’re done here. You’re no longer worth talking to. I’m just going to continue ignoring you.

Last but not least, if you have been good to me:

Don’t mistake my silence for anger or discomfort. If you’ve already known me long enough, then you should know that by now. We don’t need to always fill the silence. Sometimes we just need to save our breath and enjoy the moment. Listen to our own hearts – and the universe around us.

Sometimes, all it takes is just the presence of each other. If I feel safe with you, words aren’t always needed. Your presence is.


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