They're friends?? in Dreams

  • Aug. 9, 2020, 7:33 p.m.
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It was kinda weird. It was around here, but it wasn’t anywhere I recognized. I was in my car with my girlfriend, who I never saw her face, and we watched BM driving like a maniac, in reverse, down a street that I think was in downtown Seattle. She crashed into several cars, bounced off a light pole, then butt first into a building. We got out to help, and that’s when I realized who it was, and my gf called her by name, asking if she was okay. They then went to the hospital, and I went on doing whatever it was I was doing. Lots of random places I knew I was familiar with, but didn’t recognize. That’s been a theme lately - going places I know I’m very familiar with, but no idea where or what they are.
Later I turn up at BM’s to pick up my gf. I was happy to see my gf, hugs and kisses and all, but beyond being vaguely polite to BM, I knew there was still animosity between us. I managed a half-hearted “I’m glad you’re alright. Take care of yourself (BM).” The look I got from her seemed confused as to how I could actually manage words of kindness, even if it was just superficial.

I’ve said before that my mind doesn’t always make sense, even to me. Even though I’m someone who believes dreams mean something, I know some of it is just nonsense. I just wish it were easier to distinguish between the two.

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