Summer Update in In the Meadow

  • July 24, 2020, 11:46 p.m.
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Since Timmy and Kayla’s prom that was scheduled for late May was cancelled, the school is having a make-up prom tomorrow night. There will not be dancing, but there will be a socially distanced dinner. They were able to get it in before any of the kids had to leave for military service.

We decided Kayla could get another dress. We got her first dress online for the virtual prom since the stores were closed. We found this new dress at a dress shop. It is different than the first dress she had. It is light blue, knee length with a frilly skirt and a sequin-type top. This is the age to try different things.

Timmy is wearing a tux with a blue sash. They both wanted to go with blue this time.

Timmy and Aaron have been playing youth baseball and Kayla has been playing youth softball this summer. They missed the school season and they are glad to be playing now. The teams honored the seniors at one of their games.

Kayla and Timmy have been working at a day camp. They are junior camp counselors. The camp has reduced capacity this year, although they still did not fill all the spaces.

We are planning to take a trip to celebrate graduation once things settle down some.

Aaron has been keeping fairly busy. He has been on several day trips with Boy Scouts. He has been doing some yard work jobs. We have been trying to do activities together. There is a lot of chaos right now and I want him to have positive memories of high school summers. We have been going to the beach. He has been riding his bike quite a bit. Earlier this week we took a day trip to the waterfront in another part of the state.

We are still not sure what will happen with school for Aaron. Right now there are plans for both online school and in-person school. As far as college for Kayla and Timmy, we are still not sure. Most likely they will live here and take online classes for the first semester. We will see what happens after that. They are both planning to attend colleges with many out of state and international students.

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