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  • July 14, 2020, 7:13 p.m.
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Well, I filed my taxes… a day before the deadline. Whoops.

It’s always depressing when I do my taxes, and see how much money the government takes off me, and how little I get in return for my thousands of dollars they rob off me. Roads are shit, government is a shit show, vets who’ve done battle for this country are living on the streets, old folks who’ve worked all their lives can barely afford to stay alive, and some pill head who is perfectly capable of working, but chooses not to, is sitting at home collecting money that I worked for.
Or they’re working under the table collecting my money (you’re welcome, shithead), living in government housing, with a fairly new Escalade parked out front.

I’ve heard about people who are into age play, who regress back to about toddler stage, to balance out real life. It’s a tempting idea.

Nothing really eventful today, nothing really eventful tomorrow, or so it seems. I need to get the lumber and start building the shelves in the container so I can start unloading the shed, get it taken down, then unload the garage and the house. I just have to be able to get the energy for it. Speaking of, I’m not sure I remembered to take my pills this morning. Damn it. Oh well.

I’ve had a couple dreams, but don’t remember enough of them to write. Just flashes.

Speaking of pills, the cat’s being one. Such is life.

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