Something. in Your Face

  • July 13, 2020, 9:24 p.m.
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  • As much as I love having the Etsy side stream of income, sometimes it pisses me the fuck off. One customer who misunderstood the listing and thought she was getting double the amount of patches she ordered, who I sent two free ones to because USPS delayed her item (not me, not even in my state), and who still seems to be pissy about the situation. Some other minor irritations lately, coupled with my shitty attitude towards life, means that I feel like I want to throw the towel in entirely with this shit. I know it’ll pass, but I still need to grumble about it now.

  • I was going to start this point with something like, “M is a grouchy bear again because he’s annoyed about work…” but then I remembered that that is every week now. I feel as though I am telling myself several times a day that M is only acting like a grouchy asshole because of work. Nope. M is* a grouchy asshole. It’s just that he’s spitting more venom than he used to.

  • I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I think I need to make an effort to start journaling again. I think it does help me to get a lot of the excess words out of my skull.

  • I received my sneakers today, which should make things easier on my feet on the days I go to work and do my walking. Plus, my Adidas are beat to shit after being my sole pair of shoes for months, through Australia, and up to now.

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