I fell in love in This is me

  • June 29, 2020, 8:19 p.m.
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The next day after the New Year’s Eve party I looked him up on Facebook. I wanted to see his face again and I wanted to learn about him. As any other girl in this world I went through all of his pictures. I wanted to see what type of guy he was. I was hooked. What did I do next? Being bold as I am I sent him a message. I was a bit nervous about it but I wanted him for me. It wasn’t too long til he replied back to me. I asked him if he’d remember me from the night before and he said he did. I told him I thought he was cute and he said I was pretty. I blushed. We messaged for a few days on messenger and I was itching for him to ask me for my number. It was actually really hard to get him to ask me for my number! Sometimes guys can be so oblivious!!! It wasn’t until I messaged him to text me instead since my internet connection wasn’t as good. Men… lol!

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