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As we get older, we start learning to recognise the type in the crowd. They’re the popular ones, surrounded by friends and admirers – or even both. People in general seem to hang on to their every word, simply believing them like little kids believe in magic.

Not all divas are bad, though. There are those who are still kind and humble. Those are the ones who don’t even feel that they are or deserve to be. (This makes them even more qualified to be divas.) Such high praises and compliments would even startle them:

“Who? Me?? I don’t know what I’ve done so far to deserve that recognition. I’m only trying my best.”

“I’m just an ordinary person. I’m sure there are still many other who are far better and deserve the recognition.”

“Thanks, I hope I’m not letting anyone down / you’re not expecting so much from me.”

Other times, it’s just a polite or shy smile. They’re aware of the burden of the compliment. People think they’re nice and will assume that the’re always flawless.

It’s hard. They know what can happen to them if they allow more and more compliments to drown their common sense. Once those high praises and acknowledgment get to their heads, they can change.

The change is not always for the better.

There are those who seem to relish themselves in fame…and fortunes that later follow. That’s to be expected, since we’re all only human here. This can happen to anybody.

However, here’s what can happen when they let it all get into their heads. They become overly confident that they’ll always be on top of the world. They think they can get away with anything, because they believe that their fellows and oh-so-loyal fans will always be there, sticking up for them.

They forget that they’re still human…and nothing lasts forever.

These people are such hypocrites. Their attitude often shows a completely different story to those who (can really) see through them. Nope, they’re not as nice as their friends and (die-hard) fans have always believed in. They’re mean.

They’re such disgusting bullies and cowards. Like so many monsters, they only prey on the vulnerable. Unlike the ancient version of beasts, these modern-day creatures use plenty of dirty tricks to turn their victims as helpless and pathetic as possible.

Not only that, though. These monsters are so slick and uncanny. They know how to appear normal – and somewhat innocent – to those others who still blindly praise them.

Calling them out is a dangerous option, but often more necessary than just keeping quiet. It shows them that not all their victims stay silence(d). Plenty are still brave enough to speak out.

Of course, pathetic cowards like them won’t quit just easily – not without a fight. They know damn well how to twist your words and accusations against yourself. They’ll tell the whole world – especially their oh-so-devoted fans – that you’re the problem. That way, other people will believe them more that they do you.

I know. This is so unfair. They know how to make you look bad that it’s hard for anyone else to believe you – at least your side of the story.

These narcissistic divas are such “primadonna wannabes”. They know how to portray you as “the one who cried wolf” to the world. You’re the liar, they know how to manipulate others into believing in that message they send them. They do anything just to keep you quiet and keep their false reputation as real as possible.

Some victims are so fed up with them that they end up retreating into silence. Still, let’s not call them all cowards. It’s these primadonna-wannabes who are cowards, hiding behind their wicked tongues and stupid, ignorant fans.

It doesn’t matter what they do to you, though. Sooner or later, they’ll pay the price. If today’s not their punishment, then please always remember this:

God never sleeps…

Then, what about those others who choose to believe in these narcissistic divas, these primadonna-wannabes, instead of you?

They don’t matter. Make them irrelevant. If they have never bothered to listen to you in the first place, then why do you expect so much from them all? Why the hell should you?

They’re not worth it, at least not anymore. The day they chose not to believe you was the day you had to stop telling them anything more about you. Why bother? They’ve second-guessed you already. That has felt like a personal insult.

No worries, though. There’ll come a time when they realise the wrong that they’ve done to you. By then, it’ll be too late.

You’ve already moved on. You’re done reaching out to all of them. You’re okay on your own…


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