Her Mate and the Hermit in Reconnaissance

  • June 17, 2020, 9:15 p.m.
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....as though I’ve known you always and you are in every season and every time and always in the moment but each time as though no time has elapsed …since we connected at a moment under the stars

…the power and wonder of earth, stars, oceans, jungles, birds, bees…flower and fauna …mountains and forest and universe

literature and art
…music, paintings, sculpture (((“the object -not subject” that to this day has always been the screen saver or wallpaper on my phone)))…shared music of all types & times, poetry…books, quotes …I love your knowledge and it becomes a part of me…easily …as the spices of a wonderful taste that arrived from miles with a Golden god who still watches me sleep and holds my obstacles in each sunrise…

(((“Spiritual, cultural, passionate”)))
…if I had one word for all of those together because you are the most intensely deep in all 3

…playful, teasing, lovable, annoying, tempting…and irresistibly engaging and captivating, shrouded in mist and words …but nevertheless felt so deeply
“was with you” …always

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