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  • June 1, 2020, 12:20 a.m.
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This week has been fairly typical. Nothing really special. Other than the heat.
I’m used to wearing a T shirt under my work shirt, but ended up having to ditch it during an install on Thursday, and skipped it Friday. I’m also discovering my van’s aircon isn’t quite up to scratch. When I got home on Friday I tried to use the recharge kit I bought for M’s car a few years ago, but when I hooked it up, it showed my van’s A/C was over charged. I’m not sure I believe it. I’ll have to have it looked at before we get too far into summer. But I also need to have the howling wheel bearing and screaming brakes addressed soon too, so I’ll try and do it all in one go. Maybe have whatever is going on with the mirrors fixed at the same time.

I was talking to TheBarista (yeah, we’re totally gonna go that route.) Friday, and asked if I could leave business cards in case they had a customer who needed their door fixed. One of the other girls said something about someone in her family having an issue with their door, and the one I’m interested in mentioned that she was having issues with the front door to her apartment. I told her I’ve fixed enough entry doors at my house and friend’s houses, so I wrote my personal cell number on a business card and gave it to her. Haven’t heard anything. Meh. Nothing I didn’t expect to happen.

This whole George Floyd thing has gotten out of hand. Then Seattle goes and one ups Minneapolis by (at least the way I’ve read the reports so far) put knees on the necks of more than one protester. Yep, Seattle is gonna burn. I’m not usually one to be concerned much with what happens in Seattle translating out to the suburbs where I live, but seeing as how virulent as things like racial protests spread, and the severity of this one in particular, I’ve got my pistol on my hip with a fully loaded mag, and my shotgun is fully loaded and where I can grab it easily. I’ve never liked the idea of the big city, and as time goes on, I regret more and more that I fell for B and moved here.
3 rules I made after I moved to Missouri for KL, that I broke when I moved here:
1) Never move for a girl
2) Never move to the west coast
3) Never move near a big city
Yep, shot myself in the ass on that one, and it’s just been a pain paying out in spades ever since.

Not much out of M this past week, and nothing out of BL. Oh well.

I’m waiting on my blankets to be done so I can finish making my bed, then I’m going to sleep. This weekend went by too fast, and I don’t feel like I’m rested enough for Monday.

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