WK7000 in Dreams

  • May 29, 2020, 3:23 p.m.
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I was working for some sort of belivery company, but I have no idea who, or delivering what. I kept ending up in various 2-story apartment type complexes, and they all had their name and address on their doors with those 2” tall, black and white stick up numbers that people use to put the address on their mail box.
I did a lot of driving around and asking for directions before I went to one on a second floor, only to find out they were moving out of that place (seemed more like a residence anyway), and I’d need to go somewhere else. I remember commenting on the ceiling fan being sort of mid-century modern, despite I could not get the light to turn on. The lady who worked there gave me directions on how to get where I needed to go, but as my memory wasn’t quite that good, I asked for the address, and she went off to write it down. I looked around the room, and thought it seemed like a repurposed bedroom.
She took so long to come back, that I left, determined to find the place on my own. It slipped to me driving around looking for where I was supposed to be, and passing the same group of 3 cute girls at different locations.
The dream was interrupted there by the alarm clock. There was either another dream before this, or more of the same, but i can’t really remember it. I have still frames in my mind, but not enough context to describe, if that makes sense.

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