• May 26, 2020, 6:59 a.m.
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I’ve never really been a good chess player. My father had been frustrated with trying to teach me how to play the game properly. There are so many rules to follow for each piece. I still can’t remember them all, unless I look at the rule book.

Still, I love the chess philosophy. Maybe I’m not that keen on the ‘sacrificing’ strategy. You know, losing a few pawns to gain victory. There are two (2) things that I love about this game:

  1. They must think three steps ahead.
    This is why many professional chess players are both wise and intelligent. To some, they tend to think too much or overanalyse. To others, they may be wise.

They’re careful with each step they take. They’re not hasty. They make sure that each decision they make can last them longer in the game – or at least buy them more time to reach their victory.

This also should be applied in life. If the idea of having a ‘poker face’ (although this term is for another game) is to fool your opponents, then thinking three steps ahead is about being careful with your decisions – in order not to look like a fool.

This also means they’re considerate. They realise that, oftentimes, the steps they take (and the choices they make) will give them a greater impact in the future. Good or bad, it’s still a possibility. It may also impact on other people too around them.

  1. They only speak when it’s time to say “Checkmate!”
    Okay, I know this is only accurate during a real match. If you play this with your close friends, you tend to chat along the way too.

Some don’t, I know. This game requires full attention / focus. In real life, it means that you only speak when most necessary. Choose your words carefully. Not everything should be said. Not everything is worth mentioning.

There’s also another thing about this, though:

Many people (tend to) talk too much. They say things they don’t really mean or they’re just mean with what they say. For what?

This is why when you’re a professional chess player, you must appear confident. Hide your insecurities at all costs. Talk too much and you’ll reveal your weaknesses.

This takes some serious self-control, discipline, and dedication. You can’t have skills like this if you still allow your own ego to dictate you so much.


Mr. Mofo May 26, 2020

You ever see a murder hornet try to play chess? They go straight to the king and bite his damn head off!?!?!?!?!!?!

author Mr. Mofo ⋅ May 27, 2020

Nope, but I'm sure that would be interesting.

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