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  • May 23, 2020, 3:27 p.m.
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Couldn’t be bothered to think up a title.

I was hoping the rain would leave off after it quit yesterday afternoon, so I could try and finish mowing today. But, I went out to the garage around midnight and found it had been consistently pissing. I thought maybe it would stop and the sun would be out this morning, but no such luck, and it’s still sprinkling on and off, so yardwork is out for this weekend. Guess I could try shortening with the weed whacker, but we’ll see where my energy stands. It’s just after 1pm, and I’ve only been up for 3 hours.

I did get up and dressed straight away this morning to go get a coffee. Took the car, as my arrangement with the boss to keep my work vehicle here is that it doesn’t leave my yard without calling for permission, and just going 15 blocks for coffee is a pointless venture to take it. Sadly, the one I was hoping to see wasn’t there. Not sure if she’d already gone off shift, or she didn’t work today. Bailed out on any venture that would have hinted that I’ve a crush on her, and came home nearly straight away.
I saw a car what looked like it was parked in front of our shop on the way home, so doubled back to investigate, but found nothing. I’m a little more on watch after a co-worker’s truck was missing some items, considering there’s a vagrant campervan parked near by. Thanks, Seattle. (I live 30 miles out of Seattle proper, but their bullshit has spread like diarreah on a frat house bathroom floor, after a bender.)
I came back and planted to the couch to have my coffee, hoping I’d wake up more, but that’s not really happened. Meh.

I’m thinking of writing an “I wish” entry. It would do me no good in the end, but sometimes it’s nice to just get things written out. I go back and read my past entries, and sometimes it’s helpful to compare where I was to where I am. Later I’ll be looking back on that entry to see how many of items are still on my wish list.

Oh, if you’re looking for a good social site, MeetMe isn’t it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about Z, the start of my “Good-Luck-Chuck-ness”, but her profile randomly reactivated on MeetMe, claiming she’s single and such. No, no she’s not. She got married a few months after we dated, and is still married with 3 kids.
Z is the one I took out to dinner, then went to one of the beaches near where I live now, and she made a point to point out other girls who were checking me out. Never understood why she did that, but I’m not bothered enough to ask after 9 years. (it wouldn’t accomplish anything, and I doubt she’d remember me anyway.) Feel free to theorize, though.

Going to see what I can get done. Probably best if I just put my earbuds in and rock my brains out. Not particularly thrilled with the bits of dream I remember from last night (not enough for an entry) or where my mind is trying to go currently. Might update this or write a new entry later.

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