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  • May 12, 2020, 1:14 a.m.
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Shocking, right? Especially considering how much I’ve blabbed on about BL over the years.
I don’t think it’s as big a deal as I thought. She has a large number of Facebook friends, so I think I’m just another face on her feed, an add to give her a nice round number. She liked a post of mine, but I’m not reading anything more into it. I liked one of hers afterwards to be fair. Time to just calm down and go back to business as usual. She’s there, and I’m happy about it for whatever it is.

I had a near miss today. People around here drive like complete and total idiots, and it’s nothing new. Even Tesla’s with all their safety shit (and there are tons of them around Seattle) aren’t safe to be around. Meanwhile I’m in the right lane with my cruise control set at the speed limit. I had some jackass in a Nissan decide to squeeze between me and another car with mere inches to spare. I saw him in the outside mirror as he was coming up to pass me and got that feeling he was gonna be a douchebag. So I took my foot off the gas and covered the brake, and sure enough he just whipped over no blinker nothing, and I had to stand on the brakes, on the highway, at speed. Worst part was, I hadn’t been able to find my GPS/dashcam for a week or so, and if I had hit him, I’d have had no way to prove what he’d done. I laid on the horn as I passed him taking his exit, even though he’d had more than enough room to cross behind me, and very obviously gave him the finger.
I went back to the shop, walked in the door, and told R she was going to get a complaint on my driving, and relayed what had just happened. “Was that really necessary!?” “Yes, it very much was.” She’ll probably tell the boss, but after that and considering I managed not to cave the twat’s bumper in, I don’t care.

Since nailing my brakes threw everything up front into the floor, and slammed several things in the back against the bulkhead, I decided to clean out the front of the van when I got home. After thinking it had been stolen, I found my GPS. Somehow it ended up between the passenger seat and the bulkhead. I’d already looked there 3 different times, and now it shows up. So I downloaded the last batch of saved videos off it, and put it back in the windscreen. That said, I’m going to get a new dashcam system, something that also has a rear camera. Then I’m going to outfit my car and truck with them as well. People are morons, and I don’t want to pay higher insurance premiums because someone wants to be stupid. Hmmm… I should probably sort out a camera system for the motorcycle too. It’s getting to be the time of year to get it out of the garage, now that I can actually get it in and out of the garage.

M has been talking still. I’ve basically left it for her to start the messages, at least until I get a bearing on what the hell is going on. I’m glad to be talking to her again. I’ve missed our daily conversations. I doubt it’s going to go beyond this, which I’m perfectly fine with. With her and BL both on some sort of associating terms with me - which I’m glad for - I can’t help think life is probably about to slap the shit out of me.

Well, it’s time for bed. Goodnight.

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