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This is always one of my fave e-packs in every incarnation. The horses are done well. My only issue with them is I like fairly small lots sizes and with a horse you can’t have a small lot because of the box stall and them needing room to run. To build a barn around the stall it has to be two stories high to fit the barn doors. Which are the ONLY doors a horse can use on their own.

I think a good idea would have been to allow horses to be stored in a public stable. You could rent one of the stalls and then return your horse whenever you aren’t riding or interacting with him/her and the horse would recognize the community lot as their home base while you rent the stall. If you turn free will off you can conceivably leave them at the public stables.

But with free will off the horse won’t take care of itself. With free will on the horse will go gallivanting all over the town. That’s a huge downer for me. Otherwise I adore this pack. The cats and dogs are wonderful. The minor pets (lizards, rodents, snakes, and birds) are adorable, Though I do wish each pet came in a different colour. Remember the womrat from TS2 Pets?

It came in 4 colours but TS3 womrat only has one colour (honey & white). Perhaps someone will come out with default replacements or new animals. I’m not good at altering or creating meshes so I’ll just be waiting for that. I’m making it sound like I hate the pack but I’m just getting all my little annoyances out and these are small compared to what you gain with this EP.

I present Oriole Bird, the pre-made character I'm using for this entry. I used all pre-made characters for the story; I didn't feel like making my own. This is her pre-makeover.

Post-makeover. All hair and clothing from Pets.

Oriole has a sister, Alouette, who recently kicked her out of the family home because she was tired of the criminal reputation her sister was getting. Alouette pre-makeover.

Alouette post-makeover. All clothing from Pets.

Her sister is an equestrian and lives with a horse named Kicker. This is Alouette riding Kicker through town.

Oriole moved into a new place and right away adopted Fog the puppy. The poor little dear has to pee on the porch because EA was too lazy to create animations for kittens and puppies using the stairs so neither animal can leave the house since it's on a foundation.

And Toulouse the kitten.

They live in a one bedroom house in Appaloosa Plains minutes from the downtown area. Appaloosa Plains is the world that came with Pets.

Oriole hears strange music and looks out the window to see the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!

She gets herself a yummy (and adorable) Freezer Bunny Popsicle. I love Freezer Bunny!

As she's walking back I noticed this sign behind her that I thought was funny. BEWARE THE SCARED CAT! I cannot find that sign anywhere in the catalogues either but at least they are everywhere in Appaloosa Plains.

Toulouse sleeps a lot and he looks so adorable as a wee kitten.

The two young ones get along so well together.

All too soon it's Fog's birthday and he grows into a handsome dog.

Toulouse gowns into a gorgeous Siamese cat.

Oriole and Fog head out for a walk to the park.

Along the way they meet a strange looking dog playing fetch with his handler.

Then a sneaky raccoon crosses their path as they head home.

Afterwards Toulouse and Oriole snuggle before bed on the couch. She always makes sure to spend quality time with each of her companions. I absolutely ADORE this interaction.

Before bed Oriole always loves wearing her favourite slippers. They are so warm and fuzzy!

During the night she got woken up by a ghost dog named Breezy. She decided to walk him back to his home in the pet cemetery.

Before she left she said hello to her childhood cat Minette and Minette's best dog friend, Dizzy.

Every morning Toulouse wakes up and plays by himself in the tub.

Then goes to play in the garden on his cat jungle (I want one!).

While Oriole is at work he spends time with his Abyssinian girlfriend, Oopsie-Daisy (btw I did not name any of these Sims or pets).

Oriole decides Toulouse and Oopsie-Daisy should have kittens so the cats head for the Love Cat Shack. If this house is a rocking, don't come a knocking!

Some of the wild minor pets. You can catch these but they are basically like fish, they stay in their cage, aren't considered a real life form by the game and no matter what you do they will still bite you. Chipmunk.



And a hawk.

Until next time, happy simming!

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